Want to order but are not quite sure where to start? 
Let's walk through your options and then you can decide what is best for you! 
When you are ordering there are two memberships you can purchase through Young Living.  One is a retail account, the other is called a wholesale membership. 

Wholesale memberships is how 97% of our team is made up (including me).  Wholesale members receive 24% off of retail pricing.  Sounds good right?  Ya, it definitely does to me.  Best part: there's never an obligation to buy or sell anything ever. If all you ever do is create an account, perfect.

STEP 1: click here -- you'll see on the first page that my member number 1941954 is in both the sponsor and enroller spots


STEP 2: Choose "member" - the only way to receive the 24% off discount and purchase a Starter Kit.  Make sure the left box marked "MEMBER" is checked and in color

STEP 3: Choose your starter kit. The best way to get started is the Premium Starter Kit. 
11 oils, a diffuser, a wholesale membership, samples, and literature all for $160 (you are getting everything pictured in the image above)

STEP 4: Decide if you want to set up a monthly autoship (Essential Rewards) order. This isn't required, but it's an incredible way to get products every month! Customize your order monthly, get points back that equals cash for oils, and exclusive promotions. It's the greatest! 

STEP 5: Continue your enrollment. The next few pages will walk you through your personal account information and billing information.
(When asking for you SSN, this is purely for tax purposes if you make a commission)

When you're finished, make sure to Confirm your order! You should receive TWO email confirmations. and then FREAK OUT because this is a BIG BIG DEAL!!!