No Poo Method Review | Month Two

Month 2 of no poo had me questioning my motives big time. 

So, some things happened. Like.. I had a baby. That I then added to a house of 4 other toddlers. My mind wasn't totally in "perfect the no poo Method" mode, but I learned some crazy valuable things because of it. 


  1. You can't just swap to "kind of natural" shampoo for the one day you're in the hospital Bc your hair will get oddly staticky and weird and you'll regret it.
  2. If you do find a really great au naturals option, go for it. I found Young Living's Copaiba vanilla shampoo and conditioner and fell in love with it as an alternative. 
  3. I can't say this enough: arrowroot powder. Incredible dry shampoo.

(Cute baby pic for sheer love of the fact that I have a cute, squishy baby)

Ok. So what led me to these conclusions?? 

If you remember where we left off from month one, I was swapping the baking soda out for bentonite clay and sticking to ACV. I realized ACV alone made my hair a new kind of Greasy. Like stiff... ðŸ˜ģðŸ˜ģI kept forgetting to put the bentonite clay in before my shower (you treat it like dry shampoo and then rinse it out when in the shower) so then I was stuck in the shower and screwed on the hair washing thing. 

I read a post from a friend who said she used to do no poo, but swapped to just natural shampoo every 4-5 days and it's incredible still. BUT... here's the difference.

She conditioners, then shampoos, TWICE. TWO POOS! 

There's a thing about natural shampoos -- they don't have sulfates. Now THIS is a big reason that makes them better for you and your hair, but the sulfates are what makes the suds. 

I had tried YL's poos before and hated it because of this reason. I felt like because I couldn't get it to suds up, I couldn't wash it out. 

And then...... TWO POOS. I shampoo'd it TWICE. Back to back and my mind was blown. The second poo had suds like my old Pantene, y'all. And it felt totally washed out after. 


What's my new routine now?? 

+ Baking soda once every 6-8 weeks with ACV

+ Young Living copaiba vanilla shampoo and conditioner every 4-5 days (conditioner first, then two poos).

+ Arrowroot powder as dry shampoo as needed. 

My hair still feels amazingly silky, washed, and styles perfectly. 


Overall, really happy I started with the hardcore method of no poo so I could learn what I did about the products I was buying off the target shelf. 

Now, tell me-- what's your hair routine??