Oh, mother.


noun |  moth·er \ ˈmə-t͟hər \

  1. A female parent
  2. a woman in authority
  3. something that is an extreme or ultimate example of its kind especially in terms of scale

even Webster realizes you don’t have to have carried a baby, birthed a baby, held a baby, or even regularly cared for kids to be a mother.

“extreme example of its kind”

Mother Theresa is a perfect example of this.

to every kind of mother-

to all those mammas who have a million kids or even just one

to all those mammas who have Kids on earth and in heaven

to all those mammas dreaming of the day they fill their wombs and feel like they’re playing the eternal waiting game

to all those mammas who are caring for a baby originally born to another mamma

to all those mammas who just care for others




and to all the mammas just trying to get through this day with an ounce of their sanity and the realization that Mother’s Day should be on a weekday when we can drop our kids off at school and go get a massage - ✊🏼 #solidarity

and to my neighbors who heard me verbally threatening my kids this morning - just know that I had warned them 4 times prior, I haven’t finished my coffee, and they deserved it.