to the Mothers

I was vacuuming the living room and moved a chair.
Stella found a cookie + proceeded to eat it standing on the carpet I was actively vacuuming. #motherhood #literallycanneverkeepup
Happy Mother's Day!
There are literally DOZENS of women in my life who have been incredible role models as perfectly imperfect Mothers. People are constantly commenting to me that when they're having a rough day, they think "Shannon has to do this x3 (or x4 or x5) and I feel so much better."
At first I took that as slightly rude.
When you have a bad day, you think of how bad MY life is and then you feel better? GREAT. 
And then I realized, it's the biggest compliment of them all. and the ONLY way I'm able to get through everyday with this brood of children is because of the incredible examples I've been given throughout my life. I think back to every single mom who has been a pseudo mom to me, my Mom -- who is literally the unicorn of Mothers, I seriously have no idea how she accomplished what she did when we were growing up now that I'm attempting to do it, my Mother in Law who has come to our rescue too many times to count, and every single friend I watch being the most patient and kind and exemplary mom to their sweet babes. I think of my sister who walked me patiently through #allofthebabythings while I was on bedrest with the triplets and did every bit of research to come up with the highest functioning nursery for three there ever was. I think of my Sister in law who raised two kids in another country while my Brother was constantly deploying to war.
I've literally been given the most amazing examples of Motherhood that could ever exist. If someone wants to think of me in their time of trouble or need or panic or worry or anger or frustration-- I'm fine with that. I'm fine with them using me as the example. Because the Mothers I've used as examples are freaking Saints. 
There are just a few things I want every Mom who watches me on social media, or in real life, to remember: + Everyone posts the glimmers of beauty because it's easier for them to get through the day-to-day. Nothing you see on Instagram or Facebook is ever exactly how it seems. + We all have our meltdowns. I've spanked kids and cried about it afterwards with regret. I've screamed too loud. I've given up endless times. + We all have to find what works for us. Some moms shower every day, some moms thrive on dry shampoo and a prayer. You figure out what works with your life, and you run with it. + I go to bed every day thinking I could have definitely been a better mom. #youwinsomeyoulosesome

The most helpful advice I've ever been given as a Mother is to always give yourself some grace. Nothing is perfect, and Motherhood is far from it. <3Happy Mothers Day!

Mishka Moushka + other weird things motherhood teaches

I knew I wanted to be a Mom based on three things (before I was a mom, obviously)

1. I love kids 2. The concept of pregnancy was absolutely amazing to me 3. I thrive in the midst of chaos


I wish someone had prepared me more. But, apparently that's not how it works. They just throw you in the trenches to learn on your own because you LITERALLY wouldn't believe them if they told you the truth. I'm almost three years into it (#rookie, I know), but a LOT of my friends are just starting. So, this one's for you.


+ It didn't matter if I liked wine (or even alcohol...), I wouldn't get through some days without it.

+ mom powers are real. when the last thing you hear is your baby's heart rate in the 50s, you move your body from a bed to an OR table with a fully functioning non-mobile epidural. and you have no idea how.

+ Target laps are crucial in the first year (especially when you're HORRIBLY isolated with high order multiples). Pack up two feeds worth of milk, put two in the stroller, one in a carrier, get that buckies, and just start walking--with absolutely no purpose, but to just see other humans and the light of day outside that nursery that has trapped you. #momtherapy #avoideyecontact #callyourmom

+ You've never known stress or swamp ass until you're trapped in a bathroom stall without a stroller or a carrier or a place to put your baby with three toddlers who arent listening and touching #ALLTHETHINGS and you have to figure out where to put the baby so you can hold each toddler one-at-a-time over the toilet while they're all YELLING about how much they have to pee. so, you put the baby in the sink. #notaproudmoment

+ kids gain smarts WAY faster than you expect them to.

+ even as a nurse, you'll be scared shitless the first time your kid falls down the steps and ends with the biggest lump ever, and you WILL go to the ER.

+ Moms and Dads have fairgame to potty candy. but remember what's stated above--kids get real smart, real fast. watch out for that 2-year-old calling you out to SEE THAT PEE-PEE after you stick your hand in that jar. #eatinsecret

+ On that note, you'll learn to never actually SHOW your kids that you're eating. or you won't be soon enough.

+ I wouldn't care AT ALL that I spend more money on tiny little clothes than I do on a 401k.

+ continually throughout EVERY SINGLE DAY you would have impulse urges to shake, kiss, run away from, scream at, hug, cuddle with, and laugh at your children --all within MINUTES of each other. and no matter how terrible the day was, when they're sleeping you have even STRONGER urges to just go up and scoop them up to cuddle because SOMEHOW you miss them.

+ you'd have to tell them CONSTANTLY to stop touching their own and each other's genitals.

+ no matter your parenting philosophy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse would save your life one day. YOU JUST WAIT. #toldyouso #mishkamoushka (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!)

+ It's completely unavoidable to have dried waffles smashed in your car floor boards. no matter HOW MUCH you used to clean your car before kids, no matter HOW MUCH you clean it now, it happens.

+ that sudden urge to run far away is IMMEDIATELY challenged by the sudden urge to procreate. #allthebabies

+ You've never relied so heavily on drive-thrus and full tanks of gas before in your LIFE than you have when you have three babies asleep for what you KNOW will be their only nap that day.

+Bandaids are a toddler's version of your caffeine. they fix EVERYTHING. (and if you don't drink caffeine I don't trust you one. single. bit.)

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these children test my limits and motherhood is NOTHING and EVERYTHING I thought it would be.



Sunshine Pumpkin Farm

I start nightshift on Monday. Night shift is the worst. It's hard on family time, hard on Brandon, hard on babies. But, it's a part of the job. and it's not forever. So, while I have this weekend free we are getting out and doing ALL THE FALL THINGS!!!

For starters, today we went to the Opening Day of Sunshine Pumpkin Farm! IMG_2775(I promise we weren't torturing Clara. She's got the #RBF down to a tee. and Liv was upset she was sitting in dirt....)

It's probably the most authentic pumpkin patch I have ever been to in my life. You literally are ripping your own pumpkins off the vines and it's the coolest. Also, WHY do Americans charge so much for a damn pumpkin?! We got 3 HUGE pumpkins for 12euro. Because they charge by weight. which is genius. #catchupamerica IMG_2784 IMG_3522

The babes were REALLY not into it at first. They kept falling on the vines and the girls have this thing with their hands touching dirt. But, eventually they started picking up baby pumpkins and had a blast. IMG_2770 IMG_2795Until we met the cows....

IMG_3549 Jack's face a little closer up....IMG_3549 (1) This was just after the cow licked him. It was the most terrifying experience of his life to date. Even worse than the Prague shower experience. After pumpkins and cows, we drove into the town and bought some Fresh Cow's Milk (like milked that day), met some baby cows, and drank hot apple cider + Pumpkin-secco (pumpkin flavored prosecco).

IMG_3579 IMG_3597IMG_3576 Liv was really the only one who eventually warmed up to the cows. Even though it looks like that cow is about to eat her.

For those that want some entertainment, here's how meeting just the BABY cows went... (I was holding Clara because she was having NONE of the "meeting animals" thing.)

[wpvideo 5JVo34nh]

It was an amazing day. I'm so grateful to be living in such a beautiful place with amazing friends + family! And for anyone in the area looking for kid/family friendly weekend fall activities, I HIGHLY recommend this!! It's open Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm-4pm. They have a Facebook Page with their address.


Happy Fall Y'all!!


True life: Triplet edition

[in my strange haze and the combo of "end of the week", "you just worked 4 12s in a row", oh and the ever tiring "you have 5 month old triplets" fog, I wrote this blog post Friday and completely forgot to publish it. ha!] True life: I just sat in my car in the garage (turned off-- don't get crazy) for 5 mins with my eyes closed because there was finally silence and I needed the peace.

I told myself I would sit there until a baby told me it was time to move. Hahaha so that's what I did.

Background: Started the day at 7 and haven't stopped. We have been out of the house since 8:30am. Just got home at 4:45pm, and everyone is just so tired. No real naps, eating on the go. That 5mins of peace was the only time all day that all three have been asleep at the same time and for longer than 10 minutes. Phew! It was a sweet 5 minutes! 😂

In other news, we have three teethers! No sight of teeth yet, but lots of drool, grumpiness, and upset tummies [why is this a symptom of teething?! It's the worst!]

Teething has turned sweet jack into this clingy angry "I refuse to eat when you want me to" crazy baby!

Also, at 5 months and 1 week this is how much we weigh! Jackie: 13lbs 9oz Clara: 11lbs 1oz Olivia: 11lbs 5oz

Happy week! Oh wait! The week is over! Where did that go?? Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.


(PS since now it's Monday Have a grand ole week)




Oh and here's an adorable photo of Jack and Bear in a staring contest.