four years ago we became parents. In a very fast, scary and crazy way. and man did we not get “eased into it” either. 

boom. we have three kids. It literally feels like yesterday but twelve years ago all at once. 

Fun things about the triplets at this age: they still have no idea they’re triplets. We ask them, “are y’all triplets?” And Stella responds “YES!” While Clara yells “NO!” 🤷🏼‍♀️ #workinprogress

They have zero concept of time and it’s amazing. EVERYTHING in the past is “last night.”  ”Mommy, we went to see the Eiffel Tower with uncle Bradley last night?” — we went in September. 😂😂

Clara is the clingiest, then Liv but only when she’s upset, and Jack literally couldn’t care less unless he THINKS he needs to cry and then he just follows suit with a SUPER confused expression on his face. 

And they’re 4.  


Happy Birthday Jack!


+ The silliest of everyone, you just never stop. MOST of the time that gets you in a lot of trouble even though we know you just can’t help yourself (and honestly we may turn around and laugh so you can’t see).

+ To you, at age 4, pasta and spaghetti are NOT the same thing.

+ You’re obsessed with all things yellow and paw patrol. If you see a yellow car outside, it’s immediately YOUR car. #duhmom

+ You’re a ball of crazy, crazy energy.

+ anything and everything becomes a sword when placed in your hand. Or a “Maui hook” - it’s terrifying really 😂

+ you’re slowly developing your own likes apart from your sisters and it’s fun to see your differences side by side

+ You could literally not care any less about what others think of you. You’re fiercely unashamed of yourself, and it’s amazing to watch.

+ You’ve also got such a big head that every time we go to the doctor they want to do an ultrasound of it. We assure them it’s genetic 🙄

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK! We love you so much!


Happy Birthday Clara Jane!


+ you’re a perfectionist through and through

+ the idea that you’ve upset someone or if you find out you’re in trouble brings you to immediate and overwhelming tears. You feel your feelings so very transparently.

+ you’ve inherited my volume, which I can tell you now is a blessing a curse. But it’s definitely taught me a thing or two about myself 😂😂 and I try VERY hard not to shush you because I know how frustrating that is. I’m working on it.

+ you’re the girliest of girlie girls- frills and bows and heels and dresses and skirts.

+ you’re all about PINK and PONIES right now

+ you wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY and ask “mommy, schools closed today?” With so much hope 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️.

+ you have the biggest FOMO I’ve ever seen in any child ever. But not just for yourself. You’re SO SAD and scared to think your siblings will miss out too 💗

+ you tell me every day you’re going to be Doc McStuffins Princess when you grow up and I literally don’t doubt you for one second.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA JANE! We love you so much!




 + my sweet Liv, you’ve got the biggest heart and the hardest feelings.

+ you’re the best in your class at coloring in the lines. Literally I think you’re better than your dad. I’m not kidding.

+ most days your pants are too tight, your socks are too bunchy, your shoes move the wrong way, and you don’t want to wear a jacket, but we’re working through it.

+ you’re our purple girl. You still have the animal part of all three of your purple bunny wubbanubs and they go everywhere with you.

+ you finish all of your statements with “I SAID” when you’re mad. It’s so funny. (“BUT DADDY I want peanut butter and jelly, I SAID!”)

+ every single day you want your hair in one braid. Clara copies you but purely out of FOMO.👯‍♀️

+ you value your time alone and in quiet spaces. 💜

+ you do NOT like it when we tell you your pretty or beautiful or funny or smart. You say “don’t say I’m pretty. I’m Olivia”

+ you really really like learning in school. You may not like the idea of going all the time but you LOVE being challenged and learning new things.

+ you still want to be a princess like Elsa when you grow up

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV! We love you so much!


we are having a family dinner and birthday party. Brandon made them SUPER specific requested cakes 😂😂 and then we may watch a movie and “stay up late” aka 9pm haha. 

tomorrow we are going roller skating since their gift from us is old fashioned roller skates!!  


PS those photos above are totally upstaged. They were playing before bed last night and I had them hop on a stool in whatever they were wearing 😍😭