the No Poo Method | a review, month 1

OK Y'all!! I'm one month into the "No Poo Method." 
If you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, click here:

BACKGROUND: I decided if I'm going to go all hippy on everyone, I might as well go full balls-to-the-wall and just not wash my hair, too. 😂😂
ACTUALLY, that's a common misconception. With the No Poo Method (NPM) you DO wash your hair, just without the conventional shampoos and conditioners that can strip your hair of its natural oils and thus changing the makeup ALL TOGETHER! 

So, for the end of May, beginning of June I "prepped" by only washing my hair with my normal shampoos/conditioners 1-2 times a week. The grease was HARD to get through, but I survived.

On July 1st, I started my OFFICIAL NPM washing. 
PLAN: shower as often as I needed to in order to keep my ass clean, but only WASH MY HAIR every 5ish days.
(aka put it in a bun and don't get it wet the other times I shower)

So, the first two weeks of this went FABULOUSLY. 
My hair felt CLEAN for the first time in months. Like it had been STRIPPED (<--- remember this for later....🙄) of all the nastiness I had used on it over the years. 
I was getting an EASY 4-5 days out of it without ANY grease build up, and the compliments! People were legit complimenting me on how great my hair looked.

Enter week three. After I "washed" my hair started feeling brittle and broken, SO DRY, and thick. Thick like there was sediment left behind. So, I started googling forums and learned ALL ABOUT the pH of hair. What you want it to be, what is recommended to use on your hair, etc. 

I learned that your hair enjoys hangin' out around a pH of 4.5. Anything used on it with a pH above 7 is considered "stripping" (sometimes it's necessary depending on the stress you put your hair through but only about once a month). 
I was basically stripping my SUPER FINE + THIN hair once a week for 4 weeks...


Ya live and learn, right? WELL, I went to some NPM experts and realized, yeah. It happened that way for them too. and the moral of the story is JUST SAY NO TO BAKING SODA. 
So, not a total wash (😂😂 #sopunny). I fully believe I've already seen some goodness in this method, just need to adjust fire a bit. Redirect. 

And anyways, My hair still feels amazing.
I've NEVER IN MY LIFE gone over 2-3 days without washing before this, and I'm SUPER impressed. I bought some bentonite clay to replace my baking soda as my "wash" and will start that as soon as it comes in. But, until then just water rinses with ACV. 


(and shameless plug for that Savvy Minerals Makeup by Young Living 😏 💁🏼)

It usually takes me YEARS to grow my hair past my shoulders and it's grown over 4in in 2 months. 

Tips to getting through the rough patches of the transition:
+ Brush your hair as often as you can. The more you brush from root to ends, the more the natural oils in your hairs are spread and the scalp doesn't hold all the "grease" you are used to seeing.
+ Get yourself a peribottle (like the ones they give you after birthing a baby) and use that to squirt the ACV + Water mixture into your hair. Spreads more evenly that way.
+ Get yourself a shower cap. Makes those in between days easier to just jump in and out when you need a quick ass/pits wash.
+ Make yourself some "mermaid hairspray" with Rosemary, Lavender, + Cedarwood oils (Young Living, #duh) and water/witch hazel. I spray my hair down with this after washing to promote an even MORE healthy scalp and hair growth process. 

I'll DEFINITELY be doing an update at the end of month 2 and fill you in on how my Clay "wash" is going!