How to create a Nursery-in-a-corner

So, Sometimes you live in a country that doesn't believe in having more than 4 children, and sometimes you don't have an option of living in a house with more than 4 rooms.
Sometimes said country also doesn't believe in closets, so they just make an entire wall out of them when you live on post and thus make the "organization" of your room basically impossible. 😂😂😂😂
AND Sometimes said house has such small rooms that regular sized furniture barely fits.

When you find yourself in this situation, or I don't know, any situation that warrants you not being able to give your new baby their own room, I have the solution for you! 

So, against popular belief, babies really don't need a whole hell of a lot.
Some milk, diapers, blankets, and love--and you're set!! I mean, I set up a LITTLE more than that for #fifthbabe, but I'm still really proud of my minimalistic approach.


This wall used to have my dresser on it and that blue table that was basically just an area I threw "worn but still clean" clothes that inevitably never got re-worn and thrown into the laundry room 4-7 days later.

I replaced those things with Ellis' bassinet, a cart for small loose items, a basket for the clothes size he's currently in, and a chair pulled from the girls room.

Things I've found I NEED with a nursing newborn after doing it a few times:
+ a coffee within arms reach at all times
+ a comfortable place to sit and nurse that ISN'T my bed
+ a table to set a drink (coffee) and my phone on next to said place to sit
+ enough essential oils to get me through the apocalypse
+ easily accessible and light weight blankets/burp cloths
+ somewhere to change a diaper that's above my waist height


Here's the list of the exact items that fills our cozy little fifth babe space:

-Ikea Strandmon chair (found here) that was previously in C + O's room. I converted the corner that the chair used to sit in into a "reading corner" that has a ton of pillows and a library chair, so we still have a place to read to kids in there and now a place to sit and nurse in here!
I have BIG PLANS of having my friend Ben convert it into a rocker (instructions found here) in the next few weeks! SO EXCITED to let Ben know via public internet blog that he's doing this project for me. I'm sure he will be too. 😂😂😂😂😂

-Ikea Raskog Utility cart (found here) --we have 4 of these in our house in various rooms to hold various items. OBSESSED with their simplicity, cute colors, and compact size!! OH AND IT'S ON WHEELS. The top shelf has extra pacis, teething necklaces, and my coffee on it. Second shelf has some hats and socks, and third shelf is burp cloths and bibs. 

-Baby Bjorn Cradle (found here) - after using the Baby Bjorn travel cribs for the last 3.5 years (if you're still traveling with those huge, bulky and insanely heavy pack-n-plays that are legit impossible to open--you're doing it WRONG), I know they make incredible products. This bassinet is SO LIGHT. I could easily carry it up and down the steps if I wanted to, has breathable mesh sides, a bouncy base making it easy to rock the baby, and was literally only 3 steps for set-up. Also, it's gorgeous, which is a SUPER added bonus.
(since for some reason companies feel the need to overload baby products with insanely hideous colors and design combinations. WHO THOUGHT GREEN AND BROWN WOULD BE CUTE IN A BABY ROOM. #itsgross #makesmethinkofpoop #juststop).

-Ikea Maryd Tray table (found here) - The tray is on Jack's dresser holding some special books and his piggy bank, and the table itself is here holding the basket of Ellis' clothes. it folds up easily, but is still crazy sturdy!


Why someone would buy an entire table devoted to the storing and changing of diapers.

From the beginning we have just placed a changing pad on the top of an ikea dresser and called it a day. And ya know what? IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM.
How to make your own Changing Table:
1. Order a changing pad and soft changing pad cover off of amazon.
2. Buy some velcro.
3. Stick one side of velcro to the bottom of the pad, and the other to your dresser top.
4. Apply changing pad to dresser.
Velcro keeps it from sliding, and the dresser height keeps your back from breaking.

Add a cute box or basket to the side with your diapers and Young Living Seedlings wipes (#seewhatididthere), and you're done. 


Ya know what you'd be putting on top of that dresser otherwise? Clutter.
Don't be a hoarder of clutter.
No one likes hoarders and no one likes clutter.


As it turns out, babies just want you to love them. Not to spend their college fund money on a Land of Nod Nursery. 😏


OH! and, I challenge you to limit the amount of clothes you buy for them to one basket.
Y'all. It's SO NICE not to be bombarded with an INSANE amount of tiny-sized clothes that they're just going to blow out their mustard-yellow poopy diapers in anyways!!!

But blankets, girl (or guy.... gender equality and all) YOU BUY yoself all the blankets you want. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can NEVER have enough soft and stretchy blankets 🙌🏼 #treatyoself



and less for me because I acquired the chair, cart, and table from other rooms in my house!

So, if you want to learn from my over-buying, infant-item-hoarding mistakes and choose the minimalistic life, here you go!