Solly Baby Wrap | how to

After posting a photo of me wearing Ellis in my Solly Baby Wrap with the kids, so many people messaged me asking how I get him so snug and secure!
So, here's my video tutorial! and Baby Ellis James' video debut. 😂😂

and don't hate on my one-week-postpartum soft, mushy #mombod 😉

I LOVE my Solly!!
This is the Heather Grey that I bought before Stella (so it's held up REALLY well considering), and I've got my eye on the Natural and Grey Stripe... Might need to take the leap!
Even when they're older babes, it's still the cuddliest around!
ALSO, they have the "solly dolly" for your kids to carry their baby dolls. 
DEAD. just kill me now, it's so damn cute.

Of course Brandon said some smart-ass thing and made me laugh which then hurt because #csection... hahaha
Riding that struggle bus 🚌 must. protect. the abdomen.

Hope this is helpful for the masses who think they're doing it wrong!
It's probably not wrong, just too loose.
You've got this 👊🏻



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