First Trimester Tricks of the trade

Ok, so now that the secret is out-- (Baby Garay #5 is due this Summer!!) -- I've had SO many people ask me how I am getting through the first trimester with so many little ones and so much energy.

My Secret? Ningxia Red. Well, really it's the combo of Ningxia Red, Ningxia Zyng and Ningxia Nitro every morning.

Wait, let me back up a second. So in all three pregnancies, the MOMENT I pee on that stick, coffee is a no-go. I can't handle the smell, let alone the damn taste (oh my gosh just typing about it makes me wanna vom). So, I've had to resort to new things to get me through 12 entire weeks of a coffee-less life (plus the rest of a pregnancy of decreased caffeine intake).

Enter: Young Living. OH DEAR BABY JESUS how I wish I had this stuff with the triplets' pregnancy. My life would have been CHANGED. But, there's no use in harping on the past. *le sigh*

So, Ningxia Red is Young Living's antioxidant drink. It's a combination of juices and oils, with the main ingredient being from the WolfBerry (you can read about the Wolfberries benefits here). It's been INCREDIBLE for keeping sustained energy, decreasing the number of headaches I get (thanks 1st trimester + caffeine withdrawal!) and helping me keep up with these other 4 hoodlums! Ningxia Zyng is a different soda blend of the same kinds of things in NR and Ningxia Nitro is like the concentrated version, but all three are different blends of the same incredible product.


The REAL secret though? putting ALL THREE together in one glass and #boom.

One of Young Living's Corporate guys calls it the "Zyng Bomb" and it's basically the greatest thing to happen to my sanity.

Also, it's widely known that Progesterone is VITAL in the first trimester for fetal development and throughout the pregnancy to maintain a supportive environment for the growing babe! So, I've been SUPER thankful to get some natural progesterone support from Progessence Plus. It's an oil blend with Frankincense and wild yam extract (plus so many others) that I roll on my forearms every night. Benefits: mood stabilizing, sleep promoting, and progesterone boosting! Y'all! Seriously! this stuff couldn't get any better!


Smooth sailing through this first trimester (Four more weeks left! Hallelujah!) and beyond! I cannot wait to meet this sweet little #fifthbabe <3

Also, some other things I from beginning and end and after for all those postpartum daze are: Super B (sustained energy from B vitamins), Multigreens (because a girls gotta poo), Mineralessence, Mindwise, and Life 9 probiotics!

Happy Hump Day!