Not on my terms.

to the mammas who tried to breastfeed at delivery and never got the hang of it: fed it best to the mammas who pumped and supplemented and cluster fed and drank #allthewater and took #allthesupplements and downed #allthemothermilktea in a desperate attempt to make enough for their babe/babes: fed is best

to the mammas who adopted or fostered sweet babes and couldn't find donors or couldn't lactate: fed is best

to the mammas who had radical mastectomies before they had sweet babies: fed is best

to the mammas who's milk dried up before their want to stop breastfeeding did: fed is best

to the mammas who's babes were born with oral aversions or ties or clefts: fed is best

to the mammas who make skim milk when their babe needs whole: fed is best

to the mammas whose minds are taken with postpartum depression: fed is best

to the mammas who pump and pump and pump and pump just to feed their babe one bottle a day of mamma's milk: fed is best

The internet has a tendency to mom shame a little too often, and I see a lot of that manifested in patients on labor and delivery. I was personally shamed for giving Stella formula last week, but what the person who shamed me doesn't know is that I went back to nightshift full time, sooner than I wanted to, when my baby was sleeping through the night and my body couldn't adjust. My Milk couldn't deal. I pumped and pumped and lost sleep and semi lost my mind trying to keep up, and I couldn't. I made it 8 months exclusively breastfeeding Stella, yet someone made me think that wasn't enough. and what I want you to know is FED IS BEST. Breast is fabulous, but FED is best. <3 

 This all happened sooner than I wanted, sooner than I expected, and on different terms than I planned. But, I'm coming to peace with it. and I'm flat out over the mom shaming. 

"Kindness doesn't cost a thing. Sprinkle that shit everywhere."