This Day. 

I'm a firm believer that God places people in the most random and tiniest of places to keep you sane. Today was one of those days where I woke up saying, "Just please stop screaming!" And my face looked very similar to this emoji: 😫 I had a headache. Jetlag is still making everyone's sleep schedules wonky. I was engorged. My alarm was a 2year old SCREECHING. I had to have everyone out of the house early. I knew I wasn't going to get coffee or food before leaving. 

It was just a day. I had an appointment at 9:15 and immediately after I went to the coffee shop in the hospital to just sit and drank my coffee. A very friendly older lady could not stop smiling at Stella and me. When pulling Stella out of the carrier I couldn't help but say to stells, "can you say good morning??" And tickle her neck because she always gives the best giggles.

The stranger and I started talking. Most conversations these days start with something like, "She such a happy baby!" And me responding, "she's the 4th so she's pretty well tempered!" And we move from there. I learned she has 4 kids within 7 years of each other. She has 7 grandkids. She is a twin, 2 of 5 kids. She has a house in Apex, NC. 

She changed my day when she asked, "do you have any extra help at home with so many littles?" And when my answer was, "lots of family and friends comes to visit and are extremely helpful, but day to day it's just my husband and me!" 

She said, "you're stronger than you'll ever know for doing this with such grace." 

Typing it out is bringing tears to my eyes, because it brought me back to reality. We have rough days, and that's just how it is. Today I screamed too much at my kids before 8am, I stood in the shower and wished for a vacation from them, I cursed the process of breastfeeding, I silently cursed my husband for no reason at all. But, I'm coming out of it all with a strong coffee and a guardian angel who reminded me that these are the days. These are it. This is all we have. And it's amazing and incredible and wonderous. 

When she stood to leave she put her badge back on that read, "Family Adovacy Program, Family Life Counselor." 

Literally, God placed her right here, today, especially for me. And it's exactly what I needed. ❤️