Köln, Germany | April 2016

I have a wonderful friend, Markus who lives just outside out Köln, Germany and we've been trying to make it up there for A YEAR! We finally found a weekend that worked, and it was fabulous!

We arrived on Saturday and Markus met us at the hotel before heading out for sightseeing. Of course we hit up the EPIC Köln Cathedral first. It's incredible. What always throws me about photos like this are just how small all the people are compared to the church. IT IS MASSIVE. and gorgeous. Absolutely a must see if you're in the area.


IMG_9194IMG_9211We then strolled through the city, getting history lessons from Markus and eating gelato. Stopping to breastfeed Stella in front of a famous fountain, sneaking in on English city tours to listen about this historic city, running into bachelorette parties who sold us cheap plastic sunglasses. Ya know, the norm. IMG_3711IMG_9158We wandered across the South Bridge (the original "lock bridge" where you put a lock on the bridge with the name of two people in love)

IMG_9198Clara got an excellent nap on Markus' back.

All in all it was a fabulous day. Brandon and I have found that the easiest way for us to travel with our soccer team is to stay overnight in a hotel. I know what you're thinking..."Aren't Air BnB's cheaper? Wouldn't overnight be harder since you have to pack? Well, I end up packing just as much for "emergency" things for a day trip versus overnight. AND being in a hotel for one night usually isn't crazy expensive. and ROOM SERVICE. Turns out, room service is WAY cheaper than going out to dinner with so many kids. So, after a long and exhausting day of sightseeing and on-the-go naps it's nice to get back to the hotel with crazy toddlers, order some room service for dinner and get them down. And breakfast the next morning is a BREEZE! We've never been to a hotel without an option for a kids waffle. So, three waffles, a glass of milk-- kids eat while Mom and Dad shower and pack up the room. We load the car and then are set to sightsee the rest of the second day before loading kids in the car and driving back!

This is how we got around all weekend: Carriers x2, and the Baby Jogger City Select. the backpack carrier is Brandon's favorite way to go. We used the Beco Soleil in case of emergency (aka nap time), and if that wasn't in use then the leftover kid either rode on the roller board of the city select or in the foot pocket of Stella's seat. lol

IMG_4477 IMG_4482

Day 2 in Köln was spent at the zoo and Markus' parents house. We had a relaxing stroll down the Rhein on Sunday morning and met Markus and his girlfriend, Elisabeth, at the Köln Zoo. Kids are free at MOST public venues in Europe, which makes our lives insanely easy. It's so funny, because the triplets WANT to love the animals at the zoo, but they're so freaking scared of them. hahahahaha I want to feel bad but it's also SO DAMN FUNNY. Liv is our biggest scaredy cat...this is her in my lap. Where she spent MOST of her zoo time. IMG_4492 IMG_4494 IMG_4499 IMG_4501Monkeys watching Monkeys.

IMG_4513Begging for more ice cream.

Sunday afternoon we had an amazing lunch at the Kaufmann's house in Brühl. I haven't seen his parents or been to his house since 2008. So, it was awesome to visit them again. Mrs. Kaufmann has 3 boys, Markus + this twin brothers. and Markus is only 21 months older than his brothers, so she really get us. haha IMG_4519 IMG_4520 Weekends with good food, great friends, and happy kids are my favorite. Köln is absolutely one of our favorite European cities so far.

And to end it, Check out this photo of My Mother in Law, Beth, with her oldest, Chris, at the Köln Cathedral when they lived in Germany 26 years ago. (and then us) IMG_3722