Two years ago was one of the greatest days of my life. The day I became a parent. I'm literally tearing up typing this because the thought of time moving this quickly is terrifying. How do I have two year olds? They're the funniest, craziest, most emotionally unstable pack of weirdos I have ever met. and they're all mine.


Jack +goes from extremely happy to extremely sad in less than a second+is literally the most ticklish person on the planet +has the best lips ever +favorite food: tortellini +Favorite Color: he doesn't know what colors are +Favorite toy: play kitchen +Favorite activities: giving kisses to "LELLA"

Clara Jane +literally couldn't care less about what other people think +wakes up and answers "no" to every single question asked for the first two hours of the day +tells you she's pooped all day except when she has actually pooped+Favorite Food: Strawberries +Favorite Toy: an owl puzzle she doesn't even play with, she just keeps all the pieces in line so that nothing gets lost +Favorite Activities: pretending to help me do things like change "Lella's" diaper

Olivia: +is in a class by herself at school and is flourishing because of it+Has the longest hair of all three +says over and over after being dropped off at school "mommy, daddy, stella" "mommy, daddy, stella" +calls Clara "Sissy" (we did not teach her that and nor do we call them that. no idea where that came from) +SUPER bossy about Jack. Must know where he is AT ALL TIMES. +Favorite Food: All of it +Favorite toy: toy car ladder they just got for their birthday +Favorite Activities: anything Elsa. anything at all.

It's incredible to see these little 3lb miracles grow every single day. and as bittersweet as this day is, I'm SO HAPPY we've made it here. alive. because I had my doubts. (just kidding. but no really)

Happy Birthday Jack! Happy Birthday Clara Jane! Happy Birthday Liv! We literally have NO IDEA what we are doing, but we're really happy y'all are our guinea pigs.

IMG_4302 I have NO idea what they're wearing. I did NOT send them to school in this. Clara would otherwise be HORRIBLY frightened to climb up there, but because the other two did, of course she had to.

IMG_4310IMG_4315IMG_4316Two years old. Here we come.

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