Random Thoughts on Thursday

Random Thoughts on THURSDAYI've been off the blogging bandwagon for a while because we are uploading the NEW SITE!!! (by "we" I mean my friend Laura over at Laura-Kathryn Creative). I'm so excited to finally be on my own self hosted site. and PERSONALIZED! For our CRAZY littles. So, here is my brain vomit on paper for y'all. Ill just clear my head on here and start planning some new year blogs!!!

#1. I heard Christina Aguilera's song "What a girl wants" this morning and was reminded it's one of my favorite songs to sing (aka SCREAM) in the car. I think I scared Stella this morning on our way home from dropping the trips are school.

#2. Life as a family of 6 creates WAY TOO MUCH LAUNDRY and I'm thinking the cavemen did it right with loin cloths and naked-ness.

#3. Dishes are the bane of my existence.

#4. Germany estimates everyone's utilities every month instead of doing exact readings and then at the end of the year sends "reconciliation" bills. Well, when all of them come in German I just figure they're going to auto debit everything like they do every month. Nope Nope Nope. that's not the case. Glad I called today to sort it out because they were going to shut off our electric tomorrow :O

#5. TRIPLETS ARE HARD. TODDLERS ARE HARD. TODDLER TRIPLETS ARE THE HARDEST. I feel like that just explains itself. the volume of noise, the "independence", the tantrums, the volume of food.

#6. I've never been more thankful for oils in my life than this last month of going back to work, juggling the kids' schedule, and keeping our life organized. Stress Away has become my perfume. Lime and Bergmot are constantly diffusing. Sometimes I add in Motivation, for obvious reasons. Lemon is always in my water. Thieves is sprayed on ALL THE THINGS. and Gentle Baby is rubbed on ALL THE CHILDREN. Moms without EOs, how are you doing this life thing?!

#7. Jack's nose will never stop running. I thought when it started in September it was just a  "back to school" bug we were getting. and then October, November, December and January came and nothing changed for him. A cough comes and goes, but the nose stays the same. Poor boy. He's our petri dish child. Thank goodness the post nasal drip has stopped giving him ear infections since I started using the chest rub I made for him nightly.

#8. we decided to go to PARIS for Easter this year!!! The planning has started and we are trying to figure out what accommodations will be best. we will be DRIVING into the city because with the amount of stuff we have to bring for 4 days with 4 kids, the train just isn't the best option. Right now, we found really affordable hotel rooms, but I'm concerned about the parking situation. More to come on that. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! Notre Dame for Easter Sunday Mass??? YES PLEASE!!!

#9. Breastfeeding is the best gift ever given to women. I'm so thankful for it's ease when feeling crazy with all of the kids.

#10. I'm an infant carrier convert. Never thought this would happen.  I was TOTALLY anti infant carrier with the triplets because it just wasn't feasible with three for me. I just WASN'T going carry three everywhere. But, with Stella. oh my gosh. we LOVE our infant carrier. Sleeeeep, child, SLEEEEEP!!!!!

#11. The Instant Pot has turned me into a "cook." Meaning once or twice a week I will actually cook something and let brandon take a break. and by Me, I mean IT will actually cook. In RECORD time. retaining the MOST nutrients. and everything so far has come out DELICIOUS. Beef Brisket in 35mins?! done and done.

#12. Who wants to come live with me and just walk around picking up after my children? I'll pay you in toddler snot and baby drool.

#13. I'm REALLY missing our hardwood floors and wall to wall carpets recently. EVERYTHING in Germany is tile. I never thought I'd want to vacuum carpet more than I do right now instead of swiffer wet the tile. Getting food off of tile is terrible. and our kids fall constantly.

#14. I'm also REALLY hitting a homesick period lately. I don't know if it was spurred by Bubby's passing or the holidays or what. But, I'm definitely missing being able to jump in the car and go to my parent's house for a weekend just to get away.

#15. I need good suggestions for Vitamin D and Iron supplements. The constant grey German weather has started to bring me down and I can tell the most in the sunken look of my eyes and translucency of my skin. Lay it on me people! Whatchya got?

ok. there's the randomness of my brains at the moment. We have so many projects and collaborations coming this year with people I love and small businesses I'm crazy about!! So, stay tuned for all the excitement.

What do you want to hear most from us in 2016? Hit me up! <3

Here's some toddler spam to get you through the rest of the week:

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