Fasching Saturday

Fasching is Germany's carnival season. It starts on the 11th day of November at exactly 11minutes after 11am and ends at the stroke of midnight on Shroud Tuesday (Fat Tuesday). Germany celebrates the end of Fasching season with a carnival on the weekend and days leading up to Fat Tuesday. We have basically been told by everyone that it's Europe's halloween.

IMG_4153 IMG_4159 IMG_4160

Saturday we went to the Children's Parade in Weisbaden (one hour north of us). I love participating in all these new cultural activities we don't get in the states! even if our kids found most of it TERRIFYING. hahaha. It was just like any parade in the states with marching band after marching band and local groups everywhere. Except, they had horses pulling the floats, and said horses didn't have poop bags or blinders.... it was....interesting. HA!

IMG_4180(this was our view from the parking garage!!!)

We also met new friends, Erin and Finley! Fin fit right in with everyone in the wagon. I had Liv in the tula all day until the actual parade. She wasn't feeling herself.


Seriously?! cutest bat baby EVER.

Jack went as a frog prince, Liv was a princess, clara was ELSA DUH. and Fin was a bat! The costumes were hilarious. Lots of dragons and princesses.

IMG_4165 IMG_4166 IMG_4169

It was also the first time I was shamed for publicly breastfeeding! Long story short, we stopped in a cute courtyard on a side street to let the kids run around a bit before the parade and we were basically asked to leave after 30ish mins because not only had I breastfed stella in public (GASP!) but Brandon changed Jack's diaper. It was fairly shocking since Europe and especially Germany is KNOWN for their support of normalizing breastfeeding...oh well. cant win em all. overall, we had a such a fun weekend! Checking things off the "European to-do list" left and right!

and let me leave you with a piece of advice: if you ever want to ask someone to not breastfeed their kid...don't begin with the lady with 4 kids. Chances are she's been around the block and isn't scared of a little confrontation HAHA!

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