Just cause she's the 4th...

About 7 months ago, I swore to myself, "Just because she's the 4th child does NOT mean I won't do the same things for her as I did the last three."

...and looking back now it's the BIGGEST joke I could have told myself. I could BARELY get a blog post in once a month while pregnant, working, and chasing the triplets around all summer and fall. oh, and that move around the world thing. THAT totally put me in a blogging funk.

I'm pretty sure I had the triplets' outfits planned out DAILY when they were newborns. and BY GOD were they the CUTEST boutique/etsy/instagram outfits you've EVER SEEN. (I mean y'all totally saw. since I blasted it all over social media) Stella, well. She's lucky to be in a matching onesie and pants. I think I've put her in a planned "outfit" three times in the last month. (I instagrammed one of them. So, there's that)

She doesn't even wear clothes to bed. Just naked in the swaddle.

I didn't get many photos of "firsts" so far. Didn't get the first bath photo. Didn't get the first appointment photo.

BUT GUESS WHAT?! She's ALIVE! Fancy that. and ya know what?? adding JUST ONE MORE to this bunch of crazies is SO MUCH HARDER and SO MUCH MORE WORK than I could have ever expected. Except, my heart has never felt more full. I feel like she's always been here and we have only had her less than 30 days!

I've come to realize that I am REALLY good at time management already (thank you NURSING SCHOOL!), but I need to time manage more often. I've come to realize that getting out the door with the #garaytriplets and #fourthkid (thanks Madison for the INCREDIBLE hashtag) is more than just "lets get our shoes on and head to the car!" I've come to realize that just one more little, tiny, barely-bigger-than-a-turkey human added to the mix means our laundry amount has somehow doubled. how?! she's legit the smallest thing ever. I've come to realize that being #fourthkid inherently means she'll be the chillest, calmest babe ever. She sleeps when she sleeps, she eats when I'm available, she only gets real angry when she MEANS IT. As upsetting as it is for me to admit it, she went the first 10 days of her life with a terrible diaper rash/yeast infection without me even realizing what it was, but you'd have never known it in her demeanor. I've come to realize that it is entirely possible for an ENTIRE day to pass in what feels like 2 hours; and that from here on out, there will NEVER be enough hours in the day again.

So, I've given up my quest to be the neurotic, SUPER ON TOP OF IT mom I thought I'd always be with EACH AND EVERY child. I've decided that I'll take photos when I have a camera near, I'll attempt to dress her when the clothes are clean, and most importantly I'll cherish every second of every frightfully fast day because she's already a pound bigger and a month older and I'm pretty sure I just found out I was pregnant with her yesterday...

Oh, I've also realized that when it's not three itty bitties at once, you  don't have to do things in an assembly line. Like if you want to bathe her in the middle of the living room at 9pm, you can. Just cause she's the 4th.