Christmas 2015

There seems to be a common theme for all of our Holidays this year.Elsa.

She's everywhere. We cannot get away. Of course, the singing Elsa ornament was the "toy of choice" with the Garay Triplets; and it's been singing for dayyyysssss now. We are all SUPER excited about it, too. can't you tell.....

LOL, but here are some highlights of our Christmas Day from Germany. The most shocking of them all being that it was close to 60 degrees and sunny. What an incredibly day FILLED with family, food, friends, and so much MONOPOLY. (oh, also, I got a new lens for my camera and I just had to test it out all day <3 )

IMG_3679 Liv attempting to smile into the sun. Just felt like this needed to be included since Jess is actively attempting to fit into the Little Tykes car in the back HAHAHA

IMG_3690 Liv probably yelling at someone about something. #typical


J C + O

IMG_3701 Elsa, the winner of "Present of the Year 2015"

Stells just couldn't hang. Poor girl is so SLEEPY!

IMG_3729 Clara, Chief of Garay Family Police.


Christmas Hangover

I hope everyone had exactly the holiday they were hoping for this year!