Well. Today was my first morning getting everyone out the door alone. My mom left yesterday morning and she's been an invaluable help. I haven't had to touch laundry in 5 weeks. Seriously. She's done it all. ❤️ Oh and By "alone" I mean I panicked and called Bran to come help after his dental appointment. He needed to come home and grab something so he helped me cart everyone downstairs and put some eggs out for me, then headed back to work.

They usually eat breakfast at school but by the time we got down, I realized it was past breakfast at school already. 😳 so, everyone had a meltdown (#1 of 19 for each girl for the morning).

I had to change Liv's shoes three times before she would stand without melting down.

I had to give Clara three different things to drink before she would stop melting down.

I had to give Jack his peanut butter toast folded instead of flat so he would stop melting down.

Ohhhhhhh toddlers. (This whole time I forgot Stella was still upstairs in the bassinet. She was sleeping peacefully thank goodness 😂)

We finally finish getting ready and go get "da Bebe" to get her changed to leave. That was everyone's highlight of the morning. EVERYONE helped. Which meant it took 8 times as long.

Oh, today also happens to be the day Jack finally figured out how to open doors. Including the front door. That was an interesting panic trying to find him only to realize he had locked himself outside and was eating leaves.

I got everyone to school an hour and 15 mins later than usual. And now I'm sitting in my car typing this out and drawing motivation and inspiration from JBiebs and one of my fave Instagram accounts @hellotasha with This beaut:

Then imma chug my ningxia red before going into Starbucks and ordering the biggest chai with as many shots as will fit in the cup.

Also, I forgot to brush my hair or wash the mascara off my face from yesterday. Praise Jesus for the kids' teacher Roberta who told me I looked fabulous in spite of it all. 🙌🏻

Now onto getting Stella a SSN and passport so they don't deport her! ✌🏻️