Sunshine Pumpkin Farm

I start nightshift on Monday. Night shift is the worst. It's hard on family time, hard on Brandon, hard on babies. But, it's a part of the job. and it's not forever. So, while I have this weekend free we are getting out and doing ALL THE FALL THINGS!!!

For starters, today we went to the Opening Day of Sunshine Pumpkin Farm! IMG_2775(I promise we weren't torturing Clara. She's got the #RBF down to a tee. and Liv was upset she was sitting in dirt....)

It's probably the most authentic pumpkin patch I have ever been to in my life. You literally are ripping your own pumpkins off the vines and it's the coolest. Also, WHY do Americans charge so much for a damn pumpkin?! We got 3 HUGE pumpkins for 12euro. Because they charge by weight. which is genius. #catchupamerica IMG_2784 IMG_3522

The babes were REALLY not into it at first. They kept falling on the vines and the girls have this thing with their hands touching dirt. But, eventually they started picking up baby pumpkins and had a blast. IMG_2770 IMG_2795Until we met the cows....

IMG_3549 Jack's face a little closer up....IMG_3549 (1) This was just after the cow licked him. It was the most terrifying experience of his life to date. Even worse than the Prague shower experience. After pumpkins and cows, we drove into the town and bought some Fresh Cow's Milk (like milked that day), met some baby cows, and drank hot apple cider + Pumpkin-secco (pumpkin flavored prosecco).

IMG_3579 IMG_3597IMG_3576 Liv was really the only one who eventually warmed up to the cows. Even though it looks like that cow is about to eat her.

For those that want some entertainment, here's how meeting just the BABY cows went... (I was holding Clara because she was having NONE of the "meeting animals" thing.)

[wpvideo 5JVo34nh]

It was an amazing day. I'm so grateful to be living in such a beautiful place with amazing friends + family! And for anyone in the area looking for kid/family friendly weekend fall activities, I HIGHLY recommend this!! It's open Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm-4pm. They have a Facebook Page with their address.


Happy Fall Y'all!!