30 weeks + a world of difference

Anyone remember my 30 week blog post with the Trips?? Hospital bed rest, IV, SO MUCH EXTRA TIME (hence the sign I made out of markers and boredom)?? If not, you can find it Here. I felt and was HUGE.

Today? I'm 30 weeks. Working, chasing toddlers, living a normal pregnancy life. It's amazing. and check this out:

comparisonHOLY. BELLY. BATMAN.

I cannot believe I carried that. + then for TWO MORE WEEKS. This time around, I'm a little more tired, a little more nourished, a little more hurried. But, I'm also a lot less stressed, a lot less uncomfortable, a lot less STRETCHED. I can shower on my own. At 30 weeks with the trips, Brandon had to be there when I showered because I couldn't dry my own legs off alone/safely. I'm working. That's a HUGE milestone. NOT being on bedrest and constantly on preterm labor precautions. But, as you can tell, hair isn't done. nails aren't painted. makeup is barely there. and that's fine by me. I'd gladly carry this baby to 45 weeks if it means no NICU time and a healthy take-home girl. (check back with in my 7-9 weeks--I may change my mind ;) ) Also, after much deliberation, we've changed our girl's middle name (for like the 5th time...haha). Her initials are now SAG. Let's see if I can keep her name hush hush until delivery. probably not. But, I've at least made it 30 weeks :D

Here we go, the big 3-0! 10 more weeks until our Due Date, sweet baby! signature