#placentabrain, 27 weeks

The placenta:an INCREDIBLE ready-made organ, that literally DOESN'T exist until one's gestating. It supplies a human with ALL of it's vital nutrients and life-sustaining *things* until birth, and then it just (most of the time) magically knows to come out once the cord is cut. and boom. a new human is here.

What a nice way to think about the placenta. Me? I think about it as a brain sucking leech that is trying to prove to the world that I'm the spaciest most idiotic person to ever exist. Oh, and it rips me of all my creativity. All of blogging ideas. All my energy.

But, we'd do ANYTHING for our kids, right? :/

All that being said- I've been in a SERIOUS blogging slump these last few weeks!! BLAH!

So, here's a mumbo-jumbo, rando blog that I'll put together to jumpstart my 3rd trimester blogging and get back into the swing of things!

(I'm sorry, 3rd trimester? Where the HELL did you come from??)

Here we are folks.

IMG_270727 weeks, in all it's glory.

Glory= a broken weekly banner, pajama pants, and a tank.

Y'all. The struggle is real over here. The babies got ahold of my cute pregnancy weekly banner (which I only used once) and tore apart the balls, I hate wearing regular pants if not leaving the house, and some days I just want to keel over from hot flashes. So, this is it.

Baby SEG is growing right on target and HOLY kicks. She's an acrobat. and I have really awful dreams of her kicking her way out of my stomach. It's terrifying, really. I'll probably "reveal" her full name to the world once we are closer to meeting her. But, for now you have all you need to have adorable monogrammed things made for her, so have it at!! (hahaha jkjk)

I've been given an INCREDIBLE opportunity to represent Beco Baby Carriers in a series called Carry Me Home. It's their third season, and it features 14 families and their adventures in baby wearing with their Beco Carrier. I've fallen DEEPLY in love with baby wearing since these three came into our lives, and any opportunities to promote it are amazing ones in my book!

Every week I'll be posting a themed photo according to our "weekly assignments". To tag along on this really cool adventure be sure you're following @shantgaray and @becobaby on Instagram!!!

IMG_2695We chose the Beco Soleil "Steps" carrier.

So, that's life right now. Adventuring through Germany and beyond and catching fun opportunities while I can.


PS, here's what the adorable pregnancy banner looks like now:


Half of the balls aren't even attached to the string anymore. and there are like 20 knots in the string. grrreeeattttt. thanks kids. :P