Our First Dentist Visit

Today we had the Trips first dental appointment and cleaning! and by cleaning I should say "cleaning".

The dentist and I sat across from each other in chairs. She held their heads in her lap and I help their body and arms. She just brushed their teeth, inspected which ones they have and put the flouride paste on them. She gave us more instructions on dental care over the next year as they get more and more teeth, when to stop paci use, etc. It was SUPER helpful!! And good to know that their teeth are looking great already! IMG_2485 Can you tell they LOVED it?! They actually do love brushing their teeth in the bath tub at night. The Dentist?? NOT so much. Clara (pink pants) was the most traumatized for sure. She panicked even after she was done and the other two were going.

IMG_2488I think Jack was crying because he was nervous they were going to take the tooth brushes back. HAHA He loves those damn things. He's still walking around the house with them, talking to them. #weirdo

Another First checked off the list! These babes are growing up!!