These Days

I'm alive!!!!!! I promise I haven't given up the blogging life. Just attempting to get settled into our new home, travel as much as we can, and learn how to get wifi...which surprisingly is WAY harder than one would think.

We FINALLY got wifi in our house last Wednesday!!! YAY! So, I'm here to tell you, I'M BAAAAACKKKKK!

and here are some updates on our Life in Germany thus far:

#1: we love it here. LOVE. we are settling into the German way of life very easily. (except for maybe trash separation....that's proving to be quite difficult, considering the amount of trash we produce daily)

#2: the babies are way less of a "big deal" here than I thought they would be, and for that I am SO extremely thankful. We are finally able to leave the house and no one stops us (mostly because of the amazingly large language barrier) because THEY REALLY JUST DON'T CARE!!!!!! and I love it!!!!! (I also think they just don't get it, haha)

#3: I'm starting to seriously panic about what we will do about childcare come August 1st. Our nannies are leaving us to go back to school, the CDC (on-post day care) hasn't found slots for us, and we have been really unsuccessful working our way into "mom groups", on Facebook or otherwise, to find viable babysitting options. Here's to hoping we find something soon!!!

#4: I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy. WHAT?! I kind of feel bad because I seriously totally forget some days that I'm pregnant. Maybe that means this baby will be SUPER relaxed and laid back (one can dream...)

Here's a little 18 week belly shot for you. Yeah. I know.....but, I assure you, there REALLY IS only one baby in there.


#5: the SUBURBAN is here! and we look just as ridiculous driving it in Europe as we thought we would!!!! But, dear GOD am I happy we are through with that rental van we had. I wish I could write to Chevy and let them know just how much I appreciate the comfort and luxury of their cars.

#6: I will NEVER ever ever again judge someone who has their child on a leash. Because I definitely put Jack on a leash the other day going to the PX to pick up our wireless box. I'm only 1 person, with this ever growing belly. I can't wear them in the Tula on my front anymore, and we have only a double stroller. Since they are walking, I tested out pushing two in the stroller and putting the monkey Backpack leash on Jack to let him walk and hold my hand. It worked well...for a few minutes. and then he just got tired and sat down. Like a dog. So, we are working on that.

but, I got some pretty terrible stares and side comments thrown my way when walking through with him holding my hand (AND I WASN'T EVEN ACTUALLY USING THE LEASH PART!) So, I want to just put this out there: I apologize to the universe and every single mother in it if I have ever judged you by how you were transporting your children. Unless there is smoking involved. and then I don't apologize at all, because I will always judge someone smoking with their children.  (seriously, stop that shit.)

I did get an AMAZING suggestions from a mom this week, to wear my ring sling!!!!! I haven't pulled it out in a while, because my front carry Tula has always been comfier for me. But, now with my belly in the way, the ring sling is perfect to just prop them on my hip! WOO!

So, there's some of where our life has been lately. We have also checked Brussels + Prague off the list of "Places to visit!" Both were AMAZING! But, I've definitely decided that Prague is in my new Top 3 list of favorite cities in Europe. It was incredible.


I promise to jump back on my twice a week blog sessions! and now that this promise is public, I have to stick to it!

and for those requesting, I'll start some belly shots around 20 weeks :) (that's when we find out if we'll be having a He or She Garay, anyhow)

Happy Monday!!!