We have been having a blast going around visiting everyone before heading out next weekend! After San Francisco, we stayed with my sister in Birmingham (where I went to high school and my parents lived for 10 years). My best friend, and Jack's Godfather, Bradley showed us just how much Birmingham has grown since I've been back. It's amazing!!! and we spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. :O oops.

After Birmingham we made our way up to see Grandma and Grandpa Garay in Huntsville to say our final goodbyes before Germany.

On Wednesday we made the long 6hr drive from Huntsville to Augusta and then Friday from Augusta to Folly Beach to get some fun in the sun in before the trek to DC. The last time the babes were at the beach they looked like this:


And NOW. Ugh. I cannot even HANDLE THIS. Before we know it they'll be running into the waves asking for boogie boards and if they can ride bikes down to Bert's with their cousins!! Time is absolutely FLYING by.

DSC_1235O, J, C

DSC_1241 DSC_1245Playing with Sarah Grace in the sand

DSC_1247Aunt Jo saving the run-away, Liv





DSC_1272Cool guy, JackDSC_1276The biggest cousin, Evelyn. She's the best teacher of how to dig in the sand and splash in the water.DSC_1282Snack break up on the porch.

It's crazy that I don't know the next time we will be back to the beach house. And the next time we are, the babes will not be babes anymore and they'll be running and talking and BIG! AH! NOT READY!

So, tomorrow morning we leave bright and early for a week in DC. 9-10hours in the car will be....interesting. caaaan't waaaiiitttt.....not.

Oh, the adventure!