The 1st 5 days

Well, we've checked into what will be the 1st of many random places we'll be staying over the next month. Luckily most of the places will be friends and family homes but there will be some hotels here and there. 

The movers started packing today. #1: thank goodness for army moves where they pack all your stuff up for you!!! HUGE weight off my shoulders, even if it isn't exactly how I would have done it! 

So, tonight until Sunday morning we are staying at "The Inn" in our neighborhood. 

Check out this set up. One bed for changing diapers/storing bags, one bed for sleeping, three travel cribs, a full kitchen to include stove, and living room.

Should be an interesting month indeed!!! 

HERE WE GO!!!!!!  

(Im currently making a list of places I must eat at before I leave for three years. So far: Krystal, Chick-fil-a, Chipotle. Any suggestions welcome.)