Big News from California

We have been having a BLAST in San Francisco visiting family and friends! We have been so well taken care of by all of Brandon's family. I never want to leave!!! But, before we do (tomorrow), we have a bit of news to share with the world....

We are very thrilled to announce that we are currently working on changing up the blog a bit. The name and theme will need to change..


IMG_1925 IMG_1942 IMG_1950 IMG_1953

We will be adding a new little Garay to the traveling circus this Fall!! (and yes. we will only be adding ONE to this traveling circus this time.)

I want to puke at total random times of the day, I'd rather eat more sugar than anything else (but whats new with that?), and I want to sleep until 11a and go to bed at 5p (+that's obviously not happening).

So, here's to this crazy, beautiful life!