In preparation of moving transcontinentally, I've been slowly but surely going through ALL of the clothes in the house and making piles.

1. Keep and move to Germany

2. Give to Mom to keep for after Germany or anyone else in the family that wants it

3. Goodwill

These piles have come from baby clothes, my clothes, anything.

Well. Today was baby clothes day.

and oh was it emotional.

When I was pregnant, I knew I would come home with preemies. No OBGYN lets you go past 35-36 weeks, usually, with high order multiples. So, I wanted the CUTEST preemie outfit for them to come home in. I bought three onesies, each with their monograms. They wore them home and to their first doctors appts. Im OBSESSED with these onesies. They're kimono style and they were the very first baby things I ever purchased for these 3.

Look at them now.

IMG_1638Clara next to her onesie today. It was so big on her when she came home that the sleeves were rolled HALF WAY up.

IMG_1641I was actually kind of nervous Jack wouldn't fit into his once we got closer to the end of our NICU stay. But, it fit perfectly.

IMG_1650And my teeny Liv. I had to fold hers over in the crotch before putting the pants on because it was extraordinarily to long on her.

Oh my gosh. I cant help but feel WAYYYYY too many feelings when I hold these onesies. This will be the one and only thing I ever hoard.

DSC_0037 10153140_10102403663071793_7771359_n What happened to these little people?!?!?!?!?!?!

Now look at the monsters:


ok. now I need to go feed the crazies. They're starting to revolt. I think I smell burning or hear someone falling down the stairs or something

just kidding

but really.