Go the **** to sleep| sleepy cream recipe

#1. Has everyone seen the book, "Go the F ck to sleep"??

THIS is the link to it. It's incredible.

#2. If that book doesn't work for you EVERYTIME to get your darlings to bed, maybe try this incredible cream that I got from Jill Macnab (an amazing photog, oil rep, and survival training mama) and her awesome blog!!

Sprout and Honey is one of my favorite blogs to get Essential Oil recipes from. My FAVORITE OF ALL TIME is the sleep cream she posted!! It takes maybe 5 mins to make. If you have a kitchen aid mixer + the arm strength to lift a little tiny bottle, you're golden. If all you've got is a hand mixer or a spoon--it'll take a little more effort, but you'll get there.


The Recipe:

1 1/4 cups Coconut oil (preferably organic and solid)

1 1/4 cups Shea butter (I get mine from amazon)

10 drops Lavender oil (100% therapeutic grade EO)

10 drops Cedarwood oil (100% therapeutic grade EO)


Beat the Shea and Coconut together for 5 mins until its creamy smooth Add in the EOs Beat for another 3-5mins Spoon into mason jars Put on bottoms of feet, back of neck, ALL OVER YOURSELF for an amazing nights sleep.


Did you know?...

The aroma and chemical molecules of cedarwood actually relaxes the entire nervous system and the pineal gland, which releases melatonin. UMMM gettin' me some zzzz's. Yes. Please.

Both lavender and cedarwood are also amazing skin healers. Which is why I COAT Liv in it, and BOOM. no more rough spots, no more dryness. thank you, oh naturale. 3 different steroid creams couldn't do that.

Just thought I'd share the wealth of info, as I make a whole new batch tonight for my fam.

Don't have your oils yet?? Get started here: http://yl.pe/8jk

Hope everyone's start to March was Fab! We spent ours lounging on the couch in a partied out daze binge watching House of Cards. :)

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