Babies' 1st | swings + stairs

First of all, did I even use correct grammar in the title of this? haha Baby's, Babies, Babies'....

Today we went on a little adventure at the neighborhood park. Let's just say, I need to find a park with that rubber mat thing instead of bark.....I was pulling pieces of shaved wood out of their mouths the ENTIRE time. But, I just LOVE the photos I got of them in swings for the first time. Pure joy. Their sweet faces make my day.




There were only two swings so I sat the girls together. At first I thought they were going to get annoyed but it actually kept them more stable. I felt like Jack was going to topple out at any moment. And the blankets are under them because it was wet. I promise Jack was having fun...the single, solitary tear makes it seem like I forced that smile on his face. His eyes water in wind, sunlight, cold....basically anytime he is outside.

IMG_1560 IMG_1539

Oh man, they absolutely loved it. I think we will be going to swing much more often.

IMG_1573 IMG_1588 OH! And I started making the kids do their own work by getting themselves up the stairs. I can carry three, but it's a bit precarious. So, just make your own way up the steps! Don't worry. I was basically following them right behind. Except to take the photo. But, it's fine. If Liv fell, there were two other babies at the bottom to catch her.

IMG_1599 IMG_1601Cathy Bryan-- These are for you :)

Happy Friday Eve!

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