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SO! Here we are. Just a month away from 30 days of leave and 2 months from an INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT with 3 1-year-olds. To say the planning has started to drive me batty is an understatement. But, I think (with the help of my fab mom) I've come up with the BEST hotel/travel set up for us and the babes. We have tried it out several times, to include last weekend at my best friends wedding in Nashville, and while I STILL overpack every. single. time. At least we have sleeping, eating, and riding down.

For Sleep:

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light (found here)

This. Thing. I can unfold and set it up in like 49 seconds flat. It is SO LIGHT and packs up into this little bag thing thats so small and you can hold like a brief case. So, we have three. Duh. Because who doesn't buy EVERYTHING in mass quantities?? FYI. they are mighty pricey for them being merely pack-n-plays. So, get that 20% off bed, bath, and beyond coupon and get them at Buy Buy Baby during a sale. :) that's what we did!!

part-of-everyday travel-crib-baby Yeah, I know they aren't me or my kids (and I stole them from the Baby Bjorn website), but LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE. They freaking LOVE their Travel Crib!!! hahaha

For Eating:

Phil and Teds Lobster Chairs (found here)

Wanna talk about folding small??? one of these chairs folds and fits into this little handle bag that FITS IN MY PURSE. Like my small longchamp. The other two go right into the diaper bag. incredible. It's like they said, "Shannon, here you go. We made this with YOU in mind. We were thinking of calling it the Shannon chair but that seemed weird since no one knows we made it SPECIFICALLY for you." They come with trays that you can easily not use if not wanted. They are easy twist on and twist off. I just love them so much.

IMG_1035 2 IMG_8034


Don't mind the fact that there is a quesadilla box in the back, and a huge bag of tots. We had been driving for like 8.5hrs ok?! These kids can have WHATEVER THEY WANT after being in the car for that long and not even being home.

As far as the riding goes, we all still fit in my Subaru Outback. I love that thing. And, I'm the most incredible packer ever. I do have to pat myself on the back for this one. I can tetris the sh*t out of our luggage to get it all to fit. and it will alllllllll fit so help me God.

Wanna hear the scary part? We have a freaking flight booked. Making this OH SO REAL. I'm so excited but absolutely crapping my pants with anxiety for this flight over. We are visiting family in San Francisco on leave so, we will have a long practice flight, if you will. But, we will also have 2 extra hands. For the trip over to Germany its JUST me and B. Yep. Apparently it IS legal that two people fly alone with three toddlers. :O WHAT THE. I fought, but the Army couldn't care less. hahaha Good news: We did get 5 seats. So everyone has a seat and will be in their car seats a majority of the time. And they usually do pretty well in car seats. And airplanes have pretty amazing natural white noise. So, I guess that was me talking myself down. It will allllllll beeeeee finnnneeeee.

Otherwise, I just need to learn how to pack for 1 week. Not for a year. 1 week. We will have washers and dryers. We can rewear stuff.

These are the things I need to remind myself of.

Good Luck, self.

Any advice from those in my shoes, comment away!! :)

That's all I have for now. Hoping I can get the house purged and organized in time for movers to come the first week of APRIL.

yeah, this is totally happening. holy crap.

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