1st Birthday Party | One.

Well, I decided to forego the big ole theme, and just stuck with "One."Shit, we survived, we are here, everyone is healthy...grab a beer and watch these kids stuff their faces with cake!

And, that's exactly what happened.

IMG_8866 IMG_8859IMG_8862 It took me a while to decide the decor, and then I just picked some favorite shops off of etsy and went a little wild ;)

Birthday Crowns from Little Blue Olive Tassle Garland, 1 balloon, and big cream balloon from Studio Mucci We are One Banner from Hannahs Corner

(+ our high chairs are Stokke)

IMG_8740IMG_8719IMG_8729 Oh my. I can't even deal. I just love these faces!

Custom Onesies from Olive and Birdie

IMG_8618 IMG_8620 A little nose picking action from Miss L

IMG_8763 IMG_8767

IMG_8707 IMG_8873This is literally the only photo we have of our Nanny Kristy with all three. and she's looking a little nuts. hahahaha <3

IMG_8955 Moccs from Sweet N Swag Custom ankle length tulle skirts from Morning Star Designs

 IMG_8645 (bahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

IMG_8972 IMG_9007


IMG_9025 IMG_9031

IMG_9079 IMG_9085 and then the girls melted down. so, we bathed everyone in the kitchen sink in the middle of the party. because, duh.

IMG_9087 IMG_9093IMG_9094IMG_9108Jack LOVED his cake + LOVED his sink bath. easy kid haha

They all played in the ball pit after cake, for hours. I'm pretty sure it was the happiest Clara has ever been in her life in that pit.

IMG_9171IMG_9174IMG_9190 IMG_9217Aunt Mary Frank

IMG_9260My heart + soul. Also, check out Clara's Tendu


All photos are by my girl and confidant Deanna Decker. I just love you so, D!!!!!

These photos will be on our walls for the next 50 years. I've never felt such joy as I do when I remember this day.

I cannot even believe it's only going to get better.