One. | full denial


Nope, not happening. they CANNOT be one. So, I'll gladly sit here, in full denial (and a bucket of tears)

I pulled out the hats they all wore on their birthday in the NICU just a year ago. Now, they hold them in their hands and they could MAYBE fit on a barbie doll.




Now, for the parents.

THEN: DSC_0016NOW: IMG_8587(Less focus, more eye bags- seems about right)

HOW IS THIS A THING. How does everyone else cope?? The Baby Phase is over just like that. I have three toddlers. Yesterday they were babies. UGH!

All of them are over 20lbs. rolls on rolls on rolls

They all stand on everything, coast along furniture, walk with the walkers, let go with one hand, stand alone for about 3 seconds.

They eat three meals a day, along with 4 bottles. We are starting this week to transition from formula to whole milk. THANK YOU JESUS. I HATE formula. When we make that transition we will cut it to 3 bottles and then 4 meals (3 meals and a big snack). So, more food, less drink. Mama likes.

So, if you're looking for me today, I'll be in my room, in my big ole puddle of tears. (not really, I'm cleaning my whole house in preparation for a realtor to come take "website worthy" photos....greattttt)

Happy Birthday My Babes!!! You've made me a Mom! The #1 job I've wanted to do for my whole entire life. I can't get over the joy, exhaustion, laughs, tears, smells, dirt, scratches, screams, hugs, kisses, slobber, and poop you've brought into our lives. (THERE'S SO MUCH POOP)

Want some stats I came up with last night?!


10,950 diapers (averaging out to 80 cases of pampers)

14,400oz of Breastmilk pumped and fed

5,940 bottles made (and washed)

600 hours of pumping

1 plane ride, over 10 car trips, 30 days in the NICU, wayyyyyyy too many wipes to count, 3 hospitalizations...

endless love. endless.


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