Oh, the things I love | episode 1

For February, I'm making a goal of blogging every week (totally failed in December) about something/one/place that I love.

For episode 1, I'd like to formally introduce everyone to our Nanny--



Kristy. I cannot even exlain the gift that Kristy and her family are to our family. She started with us when the babies were 8 weeks old. From day one she has been so amazing, so present, so loving to our babies and our family. Nothing breaks my heart more than to leave for work knowing I'm leaving my babies behind. But, everyday I have to go I have peace of mind that they're being left with the best possible caregiver, other than Brandon or me (and some days she's definitely better than me, I know that's right).

That peace of mind. There's not much I wouldn't do for that peace of mind.

Kristy drops her plans for us, her sleep, her health (damn it stomach bug!). Do I need to say it again?! WE. ARE. SO. LUCKY.

Her amazing kids, Keyarah + Elijah, consider themselves family, and so do we. Whenever they have a day off of school Keyarah BEGS to come to work with Kristy, and I love it when she does. She swears that she taught Jack to stick his tongue out (at 3 months old) and that ALL of Liv's math skills come from her. Elijah has planned out the babies' future. According to E, Jack will be the class clown-but he's so cute the teachers will love it and he will never get in trouble. Clara will be the smartest but also a tattle tail. Liv will be the soccer player, and she's also his favorite. Apparently Elijah and Liv have a "special connection."

IMG_5374 IMG_5899

when we found out we were moving to Germany I BEGGED, like seriously whined, cried, begged on my knees, for Kristy to move with us.

This was me: "PLEASE. pleasepleasepleaseplease. You can move all your furniture to my garage before our household goods are picked up, so that y'alls is shipped for free by the army with ours!!!! We can leave Brandon's car here and ship yours as one of ours. We can rent a duplex in Germany and y'all can have your own side!!! The kids can go to German school and come back speaking a whole new language!!!!! PLEASE WE CAN'T LEAVE YOU pleasepleaseplease."

It didn't work. :( and not from lack of trying. The best thing for her family is to stay in Fayetteville. and I understand. I just cannot imagine Year 2 with these babies without her.

She's so invaluable. and incredible. and kind.

We are so lucky.

and let it be known: I will beg just the same way when we return from Germany for her to move wherever we go next. (Prepare yourself, Kristy)

Kristy Family xoxo

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