Plotting...errr planning...| 1st birthday details!

This is wayyyy too crazy that I'm planning their 1st birthday. WHAT in the WHAT?!I'm basically using ALLLLL of Etsy to decorate. Gender neutral is SUCH a hard thing to plan for! I had this issue with the nursery. Our go to: Turquoise.

I've already starting buying random things I've put together in my mind for a theme. I originally wanted to go with Circus theme (primary colors, gender neutral)...but now I don't know if I even want any real "theme" as opposed to just "one."

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Of the ideas I already have brewin':

Garland tassel for behind their highchairs from Studio Mucci

Birthday Crowns from Little Blue Olive

Personalized onesies from Olive and Birdie, except instead of "one" each shirt will have their names.

and I'm still throwing around this circus thing.

to theme or not to theme.

I found this amazing design from Paiges of Style: circus theme

but then there's this:

1st birthday theme


 But, I just can't commit.

I want to get some kind of banner for the front of their highchairs, and of course table decor stuff.

The party itself, though? will NOT be for babies, because what can babies do ANYWAYS at a party?! This is a party to celebrate the fact that we made it through ONE YEAR with THREE BABIES and EVERYONE IS STILL ALIVE AND THIRVING. hell to the yeah!

So, start throwing your birthday party ideas my way please!!!

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