I scream, You scream, We all scream

Why is it that I always crave ice cream on the coldest days of the year?? I could seriously go for a Coldtone Gotta Have It Sweet Cream with raspberries. nomnomnom

I guess I'll have to settle with these cuties in their Twinzz Shop onesies  - I know, its a rough life. haha. I've already professed my love for Kelly at Twinzz shop!!! She hand stitches all of her onesies, they're customizable, so so so soft, and she's a fellow Mom of Multiples. She's the sweetest and I love collaborating with her!!

IMG_7514 IMG_7509 IMG_7508

We certainly do our fair share of screaming in this household. Most people would say my normal talking voice is a dull scream, so there's that.

Happy, happy Tuesday y'all!!

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