Are they triplets?!

I went to SAMs the other day with my good friend Elyse to get food for an upcoming get together. I usually do SAMs trips alone. Well, I usually do a lot of stuff alone during the week because I have to keep life moving in order to not lose my mind, and Brandon works Monday-Friday. So, having a friend come along is always an awesome thing.


It starts in the parking lot. "You have your hands full!" "They're all yours?? Noooo...." "Better you than me!"

Continues all throughout the store. "What are all their birthdays?" Ughhhhh... The same day? "How far apart in age are they?" Um, minutes. "Omg! All three are all the same age?? So you have twins?" Sure. Sure lady, I have twins. "All boys?" No (these two with massive bows in all pink) are girls and he's a boy. "So they're identical?!" Umm except for the penis?

At this point, I dont even respond half the time and I'm secretly hoping no one sees the baby I have strapped to my chest. I KNOW that sounds nuts and horrible and rude, but if I responded to EVERY SINGLE passerby I would get NO WHERE. I hate to say it, but a lot of times I pretend I didn't hear them and keep walking.

BUT, there are times you can't avoid it. Like in the check out line, coming from the cashier. You can't simply NOT hear them one second and listen the next lol, I've tried believe me. So, when she asked pretty loudly and frankly "so you did some kind of fertility thing? And I'm assuming you don't want any more, I mean God, you have THREE" (like its 23). I simply just said, well I don't go around everyday telling random strangers about my sex life, and we will have as many kids as me and my husband want! But, I want more! She was a bit shocked but nothing I haven't seen before. I left SAMs feeling like a normal trip was behind me, and trying to plan out how I'm going to pack this food (safely) around the car seats that take up our whole car.

We complete the packing, pretty successfully I might add, and get in the car and Elyse just lets out a big sigh and says "I canNOT believe how rude that lady was!!!" I was confused and asked her to elaborate. She continued with, "who in their right mind asks a total stranger if they struggled with infertility, continues to go on and ask about fertility drugs and their price, and then has the audacity to basically tell you that you need to be done having kids?!"

It dawned on me, I've become immune to the rude. I know, I know, I just told you that I ignore them. But I do that just because of the VOLUME not because of the level of rude. I hate that I am not even phased by how rude it all is because I usually am one to speak up if something isn't right, and calling out complete strangers on their family isn't right. But, I'm numb to it now.

This is just a quick reminder: I would rather hear you ooohhh and aaaahhhh to yourself passing by, or just have you simply say "you are so blessed, can I get that for you" in the grocery isle because THEN I'll be shocked. So, be THAT person. I also LOVE the sneaky moms of multiples who come up and whisper, "mine are 16yrs old. It gets better. You're doing great."

I constantly hope I wouldn't be a gawker in another life if I saw high order multiples and didn't have them myself.

On another note, check out how frustrated Liv gets if you aren't set and ready to shove food down her face right when she gets in her high chair:


The hand on the face, head thrown back. I love it. And yes, jack pulled his way over to make sure there wasn't something on L's tray that he wasn't getting. Clara's just here to party.

Happy hump day!