A Healthier New Year


If you've been here a while, you essentially walked with me, step-by-step, through 2014. Holy. Crap.

What a year!!!!! We went from a family of 2 to a family of 5 in an instant. It was literally 3 minutes. I know that in just 2 short months they'll be one, but it still shocks me every single time. I started 2014 very unhealthy. I ate anything and everything just to keep weight on, just to stay pregnant one more day. That moved to eating anything and everything just to produce enough milk for them. and really all I ate was spoooonnnfulls of biscoff cookie spread. nomnomnom Then, I went back to work. Work is my bad habit. I don't prepare accordingly and get there with no lunch, thus I find myself eating a ham and cheese sandwich, grilled, dripping with so much butter on the bread that it stains the table cloth through the styrofoam box. Work is where a bunch of people bring their unhealthy snacks in hopes that suckers like me will eat the calories right up and they can save the inches on their waistline. (Im MAJORLY guilty of this) Work is where no one has time to sit and chart let alone grab themselves food, so to keep from feeling lightheaded while running around increasing pitocin, charting on mag drips, pushing with new moms (for 4 hours) and recovering patients just fresh from the operating room, we run to our head nurses' office where there is ALWAYS a large and very well stocked basket of candy. or we just order pizza. or Chinese. or gyros. nomnomnom

Ok. Time to stop. SLOW DOWN the sugar roll, people. Candy, we need to talk. You've ruined me enough and I'm done with you.

I've got the running thing down, now I just need a regular schedule. But, it's happening sporadically, and thats a start. This eating thing though?? ugh. Yea, I know I need to eat. But, I cannot keep shoving so much processed crap in my pie hole!

I'm getting a little help this New Year from my Young Living friends. I've been taking these capsules, since the end of November, I made filled with lemon, grapefruit + peppermint essential oil, plus coconut oil. IMG_7363

6lbs down. SIX. I'm so impressed!!!!!! I definitely don't snack as much (thank you peppermint), I feel more hydrated and refreshed (thank you lemon), and I have some crazy amounts of energy lately (thank you grapefruit).

Here's the skinny: [see what I did there?]

 Lemon essential oil detoxes your body IMG_7353

Peppermint curbs your appetite IMG_7349

Grapefruit boosts your metabolism IMG_7352

completely naturally. this is essential oils we are talking about. not ephedrine. or oxynephedrinhydrogenate (aka what I just assume is the "newest" and "greatest" weightloss pill on the market) These amazing little bottles have kept us SO healthy since August. I'm so excited I keep finding new ways to use them.

So, I make about 3-4weeks of capsules ahead of time [2-3drops of each EO, fill the rest of the way with coconut oil, and store in a mason jar in the freezer] and take them morning and evening. And, for a continued boost all day I drink lemon oil in my glass water bottle. [from target] lemon and water bottle yummmmm. it's the new crystal light, y'all. and less [aka NO] artificial everything.

So, this year, here's to a Healthier Me!! and you, and you you and you. not necessarily skinnier, not necessarily calorie counter, and not necessarily iron man competitor. Just healthier. Just actively focusing on living a healthier lifestyle.

Choosing fresh veggies and meat over a lean cuisine. Choosing to chug some lemon water over a handful of sweet tarts at work. Choosing that 2 mile run in the morning instead of perusing Facebook for 30-45 mins on the couch. and always, always, always finding new and exciting ways to add Young Living EOs in our life!!

The crazy part?? 36 new people have jumped on this oily train with me in December alone! 97 people total!!! insane.

2015 is boung to bring stress and anxiety. we are moving to Europe. With 3 toddlers. So, the healthier I am, the more well equipped I'll be.

and y'all know I can't make a post without some sweet baby faces. I put the babies in the playroom while running down to get bottles from the kitchen the other day. Brandon was starting their bath water...I come upstairs to them making their own little way, single file line and all, to the bathroom. IMG_7359 IMG_7361 Bath time is the best time!

So, Happy New Year from Our family to Yours. Turns out lifestyle changes don't always have to happen on a Monday. :) Here's to starting right now.

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