Some of our Favorite Things | baby edition


I'm so happy to bring you my little post of "Some of our Favorite things!" This is the stuff we haven't been able to live without so far on our journey with WAY TOO MANY KIDS AT ONCE. I hope this post can help some new mammas, even with just 1 babe at home!! Thought this was appropriate since Oprah and Ellen and like EVERYONE is doing it. Except I'm not giving anything away. Like I said. I can't live without them. So, basically this is a SUPER BORING, Baby version of Oprah and Ellen's favoritate things. Sorry. #getoverit

these THINGS. like all the "big baby items" that clutter your living room and nursery. Yep. Some moms NEED these things and that's OK. But, SO MANY people have commented on FB and IG asking what the stuff is in our photos, HERE YA GO!

mamaRoos AND Fisher Price Cradle Swings. yes both. because of course every baby wants a different kind. We have two swings upstairs, one MamaRoo Upstairs and one MamaRoo downstairs. added bonus: the mamaRoo has a white noise machine BUILT IN y'all. Geniuses I tell you.

Tula baby carriers front carriers and slings. Found HERE

Phil and teds promenade stroller IM OBSESSED with tandem/stacked strollers. RIGHT ch-Here.

Crockpots the BEST bottle warmer. we leave it on 24/7 since we make bottles 24hrs in advance for the day

Rock n Plays for sleep, eating, & a place for an infant to be safe and off the ground (read:away from dog mouths) while mamma took showers, ate food, slept. We have 3.

Boppy Loungers Where my kids have eaten all their meals since they were like 1 month old. Still. Do.

Hospital grade breast pump because I would have given up after day 1 without it

Swaddle Me Blankets & Zip Up swaddles (Woombies) or else my babies wouldn't have slept (or started sleeping through the night at 3 months old!)

Wubbanubs to shut. them. up. in the cutest possible way, EVER! ;)

Jumperoos one of the only ways to entertain 3 not-yet-mobile babes simultaneously

THE FIRST PLACE PRIZE goes to: Bugsey and Co. Bottle Prop Bib found at THIS LINK (<- click on me). the ONLY. WAY. we feed 3 babies at once when home alone.

oh, and hand sanitizer.

All of these things have made it so that B and I can be working parents, and function alone on days we have to! We have survived thanks to these lovely products. Survived. and sort of thrived. hehe no, we have definitely thrived.

All of these things have made it so we have no real "decor theme" in our house anymore. The theme is now "Metal and Plastic Monstrasities". No matching shams and curtains, no nick nacks from Pottery barn placed just so on the mantel. But, we have retirement for all that nonsense.

 Happy Day! xo

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This post was made possible by some amazing triplet mammas that I proudly call my friends.