For Bubby.

Those who know me personally know Bubby.


He's my Mom's younger brother and my God father. We call him Bubby because my older brother, Michael, couldn't pronounce "brother" when he was little (when my mom told him "Uncle John is my Brother") so he just said Bubby. And when I say it caught on like wildfire, that's no exaggeration [who, me? Exaggerate?? no.....]

EVERYONE knows Bubby by Bubby. and Everyone calls him Bubby.


Well, Bubby has been battling malignant melanoma since Fall of 2011. He's made it through 3 years of chemo and countless surgery/hospitalizations, and each time he walks himself out of the hospital his doctors comments are always about how they never imagined he would still be with us today. But he is. He's the strongest person I have ever met. As a little girl I used to reference his strength by the amount of muscle he had, "You should see my uncle Bubby. He's the strongest man you'll ever meet. His muscles are SO big." Today I'm referencing his internal strength and will to live. He's amazing and I'm so grateful he is in our lives.

Well, I found these fabulous onesies and thought, I mean we may spell it a little differently, but they say "I love my Bubbie" HOW PERFECT. So I bought them.


IMG_6506Of course, in true Shannon fashion, I was clueless as to what a "Bubbie" actually is. So, No. We are not referring to our Jewish Grandmother.


Just pretend it says "Bubby"

hahahahahahahaha, the carters website after checking out asked me if I need anything else for Hanukkah. Nope, all set Carters, thanks!

We love you Bubby!!!!!

for those interested in keeping up with Bubby's fight, My mom and Bubby's girlfriend Melanie update His Caring Bridge Website frequently! (ps, click on that underlined part)

Happy Saturday and Happy Hanukkah (about 10 days early)!!


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