Deja Vu

Well, just shy of 10 months old & Clara Jane is back on the pediatrics floor at Womack for another infection.THANK GOD we caught it early.

To start- We decided to be those AWESOME parents to FINALLY take their kids to see Santa on the Saturday before Christmas. So, Saturday morning we packed everyone up to head up to the Bass Pro Shop in Cary. (Their decorations and Santa are much less cheesy than most places) Everyone napped on our way. We get there and run in- got to the front of the line for the 12:30pm Santa lap photos and Clara is inconsolable. Won't drink her bottle. Won't stop crying. Brandon grabs her out of the stroller and she's burning. So, we threw everyone on Santa's lap [that's a lie--Santa wouldn't hold all three because he said it was a "health hazard", so Liv is awkwardly sitting next to him] and left as fast as we came. Stopped by Rite Aid on the way home and got a thermometer.

Temp 101.6

All I could think was "here we go again." My heart sunk. I drove from Cary straight to the ER at Womack, where Clara's urine was tested and confirmed another complicated UTI. But, this time we caught it early enough that the infection wasn't yet in her blood stream as much as it was over the summer. Knowing her history and how fast and prominent these infections are for her, the Docs want to keep her on IV antibiotics until her urine + blood cultures come back telling us what organism it is (48-72hrs). Then we can go home and hopefully be with the whole family for Christmas. But, until then I will take this time to cuddle and love on my sweet C all day long, as if she were an only child. Rarely do I get to spend an almost uninterrupted 24hours with only one baby. But, my heart aches that I don't have the other two here all day. IMG_0382 The only way I could get her to sleep in the ER last night.

IMG_0423 Above is Non-fever Clara. Below is Fever Clara. See the difference?IMG_0418

Brandon brought everyone by to see us this morning. IMG_0440 IMG_0439 IMG_0437 IMG_0429 Just having a small triplet meeting in the crib over some puffs.

It's interesting what kind of time I've had this morning with only one baby. Last 3 times we were admitted, I was still pumping + CJ's been MUCH sicker than now [which is sad because she's pretty sick]. This time, I'm no longer pumping, and she's generally much happier than her usual sickie self. So, this morning I got to capture it all  as she ate her very first french toast. Nonna- Get ready!! These crazies LOVE french toast!

 IMG_0409#chubscoutIMG_0404 IMG_0399 IMG_0393that bedhead.

As the day goes on and the antibiotic doses keep comin, she's more and more herself. Thank you for all the thoughtful words and prayers!

Let's just say, my Young Living stress away oil was put to good use yesterday. It has definitely lived up to the name.

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