A Day In the Life | 9.5 months

A Day in the LifeWe ALWAYS get questions about what each day is like in our household! So far, I have documented a full day in our life at 6 weeks, and 6.5 months. But, I feel like their day has DRASTICALLY changed in the last 3 months with the addition of food, crawling, teeth, etc. So, here I am again with the 3rd edition of "A Day in the Life".

7:30-8:00a I start to hear little coos and laughs coming from the baby monitor, so I drag my ass out of bed, put on a bra (sometimes) and go downstairs to make bottles. They spend about 15-30 mins (depending on when they naturally wake up) playing in their cribs every morning while I get bottles and clothes together 8:00a-8:30a Sometime between 8 and 8:30 I take each baby out one by one and change their diapers, change their clothes, and lay them on the floor with a bottle. (6oz) TWO DAYS AGO they decided to be amazing and fabulous and just the best babies ever to exist and started holding their own bottles every feed! But prior to 2 days ago they laid on boppy loungers and we used our Bigsey & Co. Bottle props (see previous post for details :) ) IMG_0368 8:30-poop They always always always poop a LOAD after morning bottles. So, I stay up in the nursery until every one has pooped before bringing them downstairs 8:45a-9:30a Playing downstairs in the Family Room. Jumperoos, Playmat, Play cube, crawling all over the floor and eating dog food, crawling in the dog cage, sticking our hands in the fire place (Don't worry! It's electric and always off), chewing on cables from the TV...You name it. They have gotten into it. Of course I catch them and take the dog food out of their mouth, and stop them from chewing on the cords, etc.etc.etc. But, I see some serious baby jails in our future. Guess what you get for Christmas Kids! A BABY JAIL! IMG_6691 9:30a-9:45a REAL FOOD! We started real food at 6 months. For that month we did it only at night. At 7 months we did morning and night. 8 Months we started morning, noon, and night. So, They get my homemade baby food (a yellow veggie/fruit mixed with a green--spinach or broccoli usually), 4oz each. Really its just a big bowl of 12oz of baby food because I use the same spoon and just go from baby to baby to baby! 10a-11a We call this "optional nap time." They may or may not nap. It may be 1 who does or all three. This nap usually occurs in swings or mamaRoos upstairs in the nursery. Sometimes I just put them down in cribs, but could last 20 mins or an hour. It varies every day. *IF I have errands to run I leave now. They usually fall asleep in the car- I can get in and out of the store with happy, not-hungry babies. Works out great* 11a-12p PLAYTIME! again. like before--Jumperoos, floor time, practicing crawling on all 4s instead of the low crawl. I'll take walks in the neighborhood for a change of scenery, take Bear to the dog park, etc. IMG_6689 because letting my sister chew on my hand is the best. 12:00p-12:30p Bottle Time. 6oz offered, If they finish and still seem hungry I'll offer another ounce. The more food they eat now, the less formula they are taking and we were wasting so much when giving 8oz every feed. So, we dropped it down. 6oz has been working great for the last week and a half! 12:30p-2/3p LONG nap time!!! Babies will usually sleep 2hours in the afternoon in their cribs with the sound machine going. 2:30p-3:30p Afternoons vary every day, because nap times vary every day. But, whenever they wake up we feed again, 12oz total pureed baby food, spoon fed. Then more playtime. 4:00-4:30p 6oz Bottles IMG_6692 5p-6p Playtime! IMG_6687 6p Food! Again! 6:30p-7:45p WHITCHING HOUR (and 15mins) BABIES.BE.CRAY. That aint no joke. They're Nuts. To break up the time I'll go for a run with them in the triple jogger if I'm off work. Brandon will run with them if he's the one home. If it's primarily one baby that's mad then I'll get stuff done around the house and carry that baby in the Tula Carrier on my front or back. PUFFS ARE OUR BFFs during witching hour. Put them in a circle and pour some puffs in the middle.  Babies go to TOWN. SONY DSC 7:45p-8:15p Bath time, Bed time, Bottle time Brandon does the tub and I do the changing table. I undress babies one by one and deliver them to the tub where he bathes. While they play for about 5-10mins in the tub, I lay out clothes, diapers, and prep bottles. I take each baby one by one into the nursery and put on diaper, rub our EO sleepy cream all over feet/legs/chest (doubles as Olivia's eczema cream), and put in PJs. Baby goes on Boppy Lounger with bottle as I go do the same with the rest. All babies are immediately burped and placed right in cribs with pacis. Sound machine on. Heater on. Lights off. Door closed. Babies are asleep within 5 mins. No crying it out. No hassle. Thank you Sweet Jesus.

 Y'all that seems ridiculous, looking back at it. When you do it day after day it is just second nature. Sitting here typing it out seems CRAZY, but it's just life now! You fit in chores and fun stuff where there is time. You adjust as needed (so you have to feed them in the target starbucks because you ran over your allotted "errands" time..Ok. it happens). You drive home with screaming babies because you forgot your bottle bag at home and lost track of time. You wake up at 10am because the baby monitor mysteriously turned off in the middle of the night and you didn't wake up, so you run into the nursery expecting 3 hysterical infants, and 2 are sound asleep and 1 is playing silently. Shit. happens.

But, it's always nice to have a schedule (or framework of one anyhow) to fall back into.

This is our Life!

Happy Sunday

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