Triplet Tested, Triplet Approved | Amber Teething Necklaces

triplet tested


Teething for three? horrendous.

The first time I had ever heard of Amber Teething necklaces was from my sister-in-law when she bought them for my niece and nephew. To tell you the truth I just thought it was a knick-knack that the baby could chew on and wouldn't lose, since it's around their necks. Once these kiddos arrived, I did my research and learned how OH SO wrong I was. So the "science" behind the necklace is that amber contains an analgesic substance called succinct acid, an all-natural anti-inflammatory with antibiotic and pain-relieving properties, which is released by the beads in response to the warmth of the child’s body and absorbed through the skin. Teething necklaces have been used by parents for centuries, especially in the Baltic region of Europe from which the most effective form of the resin originates.

I did my research and came across Mary's company- Baltic Amber Teething on Etsy. They're an amazing price, and shipped within a day of our order! They come with the Authenticity card to certify that they're natural Baltic amber. We've been using them + our thieves oil blend for a few days and there is a SERIOUS decrease in the fussiness around this household. And as ya'll read-- my girl Clara got her first 2 teeth this week!

 image2-2image3-2image4-2 sweet, sweet baby-loos

I seriously dig all these natural remedies!!!! I LOVE finding new and natural ways to help my little loves! Of course we take them off during bath time and bedtime. Surprisingly, they haven't tried pulling on them or chewing on them. I just tuck it right down under whatever shirt they have on! Badda-bing! Thank you nature.

image1-2 Yep. That's Clara trying to escape. Ya'll-I tried to get a photo of all three looking for approx. 17 minutes. This is the best you're getting.

Happy Friday!!! ITS THE WEEKEND, YA'LL!


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