The Tooth War | We have a winner!

Miss Clara Jane won the tooth war! She's our first to get teeth and in true Clara badass fashion, she got two in one day! November 3, 2014. A day to remember.[that I'm sure I'll never remember. hahaha]


I know what you're thinking. "What a clear and focused photo, Shan! Thanks for that one!" haha it's the best I could do. It's the bottom middle two, if you can't tell, GEEZ.

I was SURE Jack would be the first to get teeth! He's definitely been the fussiest. Maybe he's just maximizing on his "mammas boy" time. Knows that if he fusses I'll just have to cuddle.

I truthfully had no signs (except a raging diaper rash that I attributed to adding more food to their diets) that she was getting teeth! I'd say that's a win for amber teething necklaces! Oh!! Stay tuned for a full post about what necklaces we chose for our trio and the shop link!! :)



Now, that's the face of a real winner. 😂😂 Happy Tuesday!

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