Here's our redo

I told you we would need a redo of 8 month photos! Welp. Here ya go.

EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT. Because I'm over here dying of a freaking cuteness overload!!!┬á­čśŹ


Deanna Decker Photography┬áseriously knows how to make a bunch of hooligans look like some well-behaved kids! I cannot get over that ear flopped over on Jack and Clara's grumpy face┬á­čśé

We got her to smile a little later on in the session. Ohhhh this is definitely going on the Christmas cards. I just can't believe they'll be 9 months old in less than 10 days! WHERE is the time going?! We haven't gotten them weighed in MONTHS, so next week at their 9 month appointments we will find out just how fat they're getting!!!

These kids are kicking that title of "PREMATURE BABY" in the ba-donk-a-donk!

I've already had a few people ask- Outfits are Gap Baby cable knit dresses and one-piece (click on link to go right to the site page!) I got the girls' tights from gymboree online for supppper cheap!! (like $2 a pair!!) Girls shoes are Gap Baby Sherpa booties and Jacks are Momo Baby [that I got on Zulily] The Girls headbands are from Once Upon A Time Tutus (on Etsy) That blanket is like 15years old, so don't even ask!!!

Happy Sunday! Hope this helps with the start to a HAPPY WEEK!!!

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