Big moves!!

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Some very exciting news hit my email Monday morning. It looks like we will be taking this circus on a European adventure! A Request for orders are in and we are headed to Landstuhl, Germany! We will spend the next 3 fabulous years traveling, eating, drinking beer, exploring, learning, + ummmm drinking beer. AHH!!!!!!! I've included some photos where Landstuhl is located in Germany and where I'll be working. 😍 more deets in the coming months.

Here's to intercontinental travel with three 1.5yr olds!!!! 😂 #whatarewesmoking

250px-Lanstuhl_Regonal_Medical_CenterLandstuhl Regional Medical Center Landstuhl, Germany

unnamed 40 minutes East of the French boarder. Weekend trip to ANYWHERE. Lets. Go.

Y'all we couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!


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