Time lapse Tuesday

Time Lapse Tuesday

I posted on my triplet Facebook group this morning this time-lapse video of me getting the babies ready for Clara's appointment at UNC:

[vimeo 109654377 w=500 h=281]

Lots of people asked if I would do one that showed our bedtime routine! Not that you can really HONE in on what we are doing because its like 30 minutes shrink wrapped into 26 seconds. BUT! I think these are the coolest. and want to time-lapse my whole life. just because.  ps. I love apple. and my iPhone. I will never switch. ok...so here is our bedtime routine! When you see that there is no one in the room its because I took each baby to the bathtub where B was bathing them. And when I disappear off to the side of the room that's where the crock pot is with the bottles in it.

 [vimeo 109652574 w=500 h=281]

Hope you love!

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