Prepping for the plague.

And, NO! I do NOT mean EBOLA!Being in The Army we have had to sit through ridiculous briefs on ebola and I'm just SO SICK of hearing about it!! I'm talkin' about the more pressing illnesses that arrive around September/October and don't go away until March/April. The Flu, RSV, and many other illnesses that, whether we like it or not, take the lives of so many people every single year.

and HOW is the Garay clan dealing with these things, you ask?! (well 1st, we alllll got our flu shot!)


oily goodness_edited-1Yes, yes, and more yes. So much goodness to be had.

Ya'll I'm so madly in love with my essential oils it SICKENING! People at work and home make fun of me because the MOMENT you open your mouth and ask me what that little makeup bag of bottles that look like nail polish's on. oils "here's this one, and this one, and this one, OH and smell THIS ONE!" My main squeeze this fall is my Thieves oil. I posted a month or two ago about how I made teething cream with it! Well, it's a HUGE germ fighter. My main two uses for ANY oils in my house are diffusing and topical. I make lotions with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or vitamin e oil and rub on our feet, neck, back, chest, face, etc. + ALL DAY we diffuse something.


Favorites to diffuse in the Nursery: Purification + Lemon Purification + Lavender Lavender + Peace & Calming Thieves + Lemon

Purification does exactly what it sounds like it does. It purifies. It smells clean and it cleans. Awesome Thieves kills. germs. Like kills them dead. It kills mold, airborne illnesses...hello! (the flu, rsv...) Lemon is also a germ fighter. oh but it purifies, lifts the mood, increases energy, freshens stinky stuff (like laundry that SOMONE ...jack... tend to poop all over) Peace & Calming is a blend that, well, does exactly what it says. Preserves whatever shred of peace and calming we may have in this household. Lavender--now this one is huge. If you want to discuss ALL its uses then video chat me for like two hours. It promotes relaxation and restful sleeping, reduces allergy symptoms, relaxes the mind and body, heals dry/chapped/irritated skin. The uses are endless. I have a roller bottle of lavender and vitamin e oil that I rub on my c-section incision daily. The itching is basically gone and it's fading by the day.

Those are just a few of my favorites. B constantly tells me I smell like a tree. Or Christmas. hahaha! I put Purification and Frankincense on my face after washing morning and night. Apparently that combo smells like Christmas? Dang. Christmas smells freakin awesome to me!!! I'll take it!

Favorites for me and B: Purification for acne Valor + Peppermint + Panaway for aches and pains Peppermint + Panaway for headaches Lemon + Joy + Purification diffused for energy and lifted spirits Lavender on our pillows for a restful nights' sleep Thieves in coconut oil on the bottom of our feet for boosted immunity

But, theres so many things that you can do with the oils and now that PINTEREST is a thing, my options are ENDLESS. Next oil projects: 1. making chapstick out of lavender, honey, beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin e oil.  (chapstick recipe here) 2. making cough drops with Honey, Thieves, and Lemon!!!!! (cough drop recipe here)

Wish me luck! We all know I'm no chef. haha let's see how I do cooking up some oily goodness :)

10524330_10152339999743227_4111786990430024133_n And, we all know, it's hard for me to get by without a little help from Ryan Gosling. (refer to this post: thank you ryan gosling)

I am so thankful I have found my oils! Having preemie babies is scary. But, preemie babies during flu season?! ugh. double ugh. I don't want to lockdown our house this winter! I just don't! So, I will come up with every Essential Oil recipe I can to get me through!

Just know--every single year around this time I am usually a runny nose, congested mess. It just happens to me when seasons change. Always, always. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! Not a stuffed nose or congested sinus or sore throat in sight. And I plan to keep it that way!

PS. If you smell something funky at's me. the En-R-Gee oil makes me smell heinous. no joke. I smell like I haven't showered in a few days. HAHAHA! I have to mix it with lemon or something for it to be bearable.

Ok, If you have made it through this jumbled mess, then dear Lord you're fabulous. and you deserve an adorable photo, so here ya go

IMG_9104 Hi, Im Clara Jane and I just reluctantly woke up from a sweet, sweet nap.

Have a happy week! I've started mine with some Joy over my heart. <3

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Some important tips: don't put oil mixes in anything plastic. they need to be stored in glass jars, bottles, whatever. and whenever doing anything regarding your health always educate yourself! Be as safe as possible, y'all! Link to sign up for Essential Oils is on the side bar! Or listed below. Also follow me on Instagram @shantgaray or shoot me an email for more oily info!