Not even I am sure if the title of this blog is alluding to the season or our photo session yesterday!?! hahahaha so, we thought, "The babies are SO CLOSE to sitting up. Let's take them to the pumpkin patch, get some family photos, and see if we can 'catch' them in the act for a few candid shots!"

Welp. Fall is what they did. out of our arms, all over the pumpkins. They fell apart when we realized it was time to eat and we couldn't find warm water. and GOD FORBID mom and dad offer them a cold bottle!!!

Thank Goodness Deanna (remember?? the best photographer ever!?) already knows we are crazy and can deal with it. ;)

IMG_9064 IMG_9067 IMG_9245

AND A DRUM ROLL, PLEASEEE, FOR MY FAVORITE: IMG_9454 www.facebook.com/deannadeckerphotography

No worries. We are dedicating the month of October to learning how to sit up. Then maybe by November we can get these cuties back in their cable knit sweater outfits and get some re-do's! (and next time we will have tights and the proper bows ready)

The month of October is a big one for us!  1. Brandon and I both made the rank of Captain. (yippee!) 2. It's been a year since we have lived in our first "home." (I use quotes because the army is already making plans for our next move!) 3. I have officially had babies outside in this world for longer than I carried them inside. 4. The babies are now completely transitioned to a 4hr feeding schedule and no longer eat overnight! 5. We are starting "construction" on the babies' playroom!

Any suggestions on how to make the playroom fun, original, and OCD friendly, let me know! I've already got a big trip to Ikea planned for later in the month. The only real furniture I plan to have in there is this sleeper sofa: Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.21.43 PM I know I should probably stick with the beige, but y'all! Check out that pink! Dare I?!

Our extra TV will be mounted in the corner on the wall, and I'm considering taking off the closet doors so we can use that area for a changing table? Maybe? Potentially use it for bookshelves? Deanna gave me the good idea of using gutters on the wall for makeshift book shelves like this: a969450014e141f33ea418548c058e6e

I think we will paint the walls something fun like Coral. Make everything nice and bright. and of course cage everyone in with a baby gate at the door. We purchased our first real "toy" today from Target. (the only other things we have are two playmats and little hand things like sophie the giraffe)

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.14.09 PM I'm hoping [with some support at first] they'll want to sit up and play with this and eventually start holding onto it and learning to pull themselves up! We are purposefully going slow with the toy buying. I REALLY am trying to avoid a room full of plastic, because I can imagine things will start piling up fairly quickly with three babies.

What are some MUST HAVE things you have in your nursery/playroom/toy room?!

That's pretty much what's been going on in this nutty household! Oh, We did get some good shots in yesterday. These babies are some serious bundles of energy.

IMG_9311 Sweet boy giving his mama kisses

IMG_8960 IMG_9092 It's like looking into a mirror!!!

IMG_9181IMG_9390IMG_9258 C, O, +J

sweetness overload.