Liv + Bear

These two. They crack me up.

Whenever the babies wake up Bear makes it a point to come into the nursery and "check" on everyone while they're drinking morning bottles. He goes around from baby to baby and sniffs/licks heads. But, eventually he lays down to guard. 98% of the time he chooses to lay behind Liv and rest his head on her pillow. How he knows it's her? No idea.


Liv? she's no better! Whenever Bear is laying somewhere on the floor and she's down there too, she HAS to get to him! she scoots and rolls and pushes her way over to him and just lays there and watches him. She'll pet his tail or laugh at him and then looks up at me with this grin like "I did it! I got to my Bear!"

IMG_3972 IMG_3971 Y'all, Look at her face! She's so proud of herself!!

IMG_3973 IMG_3975

I CANNOT WAIT until they can interact more!!! The love of a baby and her doggie. <3


My sweet, sweet girl. She is something else. Feisty and so so so happy! She's content just sitting in her exersaucer or laying next to Bear for hours! Thank goodness because her siblings keep us OCCUPIED!

I'm sure in about a year I'll be updating this thing with photos of the babies trying to ride Bear like a horse. So, I hope he's enjoying this time with them where they can't do too much harm. HA!!!