Half a year.

Our 6 month "well baby" check up was today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting their weights checked. It was my favorite thing when I was pregnant and is STILL my favorite thing about doctors visits.

At 6 months old, here are our stats! (remember, we are 6months ACTUAL age and 4 months adjusted since we were born 8 weeks early :) )

Jack: 14lbs 9oz & 28in long 90th% for ACTUAL 6 month olds in length 5-10% for ACTUAL 6 month olds in weight Above 95% for adjusted 4 months in length 25-50% for adjusted 4 months in weight IMG_3508

Clara Jane: 12lbs 9oz & 24in longĀ  5th% for 6 months in length 5th% for 6 months in length 25-50% for 4 months in length 10-25% for 4 months in weight IMG_3505

Liv: 12lbs 13oz & 24in long 5th% for 6 months in length 5th% for 6 months in weight 25-50% for 4 months in length 10-25% for 4 months in weight IMG_3507 IMG_3506 BABY BUTT!!!!! As everyone can see Olivia is the CRAZY ONE!

Clara and Olivia are pretty much the same now with height and weight. I forgot to write down head circumference, but Liv's head is shorter and fatter and Clara's is long and skinny. JACK on the other hand. His head is huge. When they put the tape measure around his head it didn't wrap to a number. It just measured as "huge". hahaha No wonder the poor kid hates tummy time so much! Too much brain to hold up with that skinny little neck! Everyone is in 6month clothes and fitting well! I can't believe we are catching up to our real ages! I'm just so happy we are even on the growth chart! Even if it is a measly ole 5th%!!

I am happy to say that at 6 months the babies are still sleeping every night from 7:30pm to 4:30am, eating 4oz and then going right back to sleep from 7-8am! Recently, they have random nights where they won't wake up at all for the 4am bottle but that means everyone is up at 6am to start the day! Mommy and Kristy (our amazing Nanny) appreciate that 4am bottle bc that means they get a little break in the morning before craziness. And of course every night isn't perfect. This weekend Jack had a teething frenzy and was up at random times throughout the night crying in pain. But, that's life, folks! Nothing is perfect!


I have no idea what I would do without my essential oils at this point in our lives. 3 teething babies, 3 more active infants, 3 times more likely to get sick, 3 times less sleep for all. I found a concoction for teething: coconut oil and thieves oil. Thieves is also amazing for immunity. I roll some of the oil mixture on my finger and rub the babies' gums. Jack thinks its more food and sucks soooo hard, Clara is more or less oblivious, Olivia finds it a bit spicy and makes the best faces + sticks her tongue out hardcore.

IMG_3549 Both Jack and Liv have some little teeth coming in on their upper right and left gums. fun for all!! Thieves numbs up their gums and keeps the pain away for a bit.

We all had some fun taking photos today after the appointment. I LOVE my days off with these nuggets. They're the best!

IMG_3535 IMG_3537 IMG_3540 IMG_3542

I remember buying these smocked outfits on zulily when I was on bed rest in the hospital. I got them in the mail and thought "These are huge! I feel like the babies will NEVER fit into them." I have a feeling we will have a lot of moments like that in the foreseeable future.

I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend!